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Since HealthyWage was founded in 2009, literally hundreds of newspapers, magazines, TV shows, blogs and websites have done stories about our personal weight loss challenge, team challenge and our corporate challenge.
National Public Radio

NPR discusses the efficacy of corporate incentive programs for weight loss and lifestyle modification, and how the “double-incentivization” strategy may be a better approach for many. NPR’s Allison Aubrey interviews HealthyWage Founder and CEO David Roddenberry along with HealthyWage $1,500 winner Ben C discuss the carrot AND the stick approach!  READ MORE

HealthyWage has been featured on NBC’s Today Show a total of three times! The most recent appearance includes an interview with three big HealthyWage weight loss winners along with a doctor at New York University’s Langone Medical Center. Check out the interview between Mindy, Shelly, and Jon along with Today Show host Savannah Guthrie, discussing their incredible weight …  READ MORE

Good Morning America recently featured HealthyWage. ABC’s Abbi Boudreau discussed the success HealthyWage participant (and $2,000 winner!) Brenda Krattinger experienced when she bet on her weight loss to help her lose over 40 pounds. The GMA piece also featured an interview with HealthyWage Co-Founder, Jimmy Fleming. View the whole clip above, and see first hand how good it feels wh…  READ MORE

The Fox & Friends team discussed the effectiveness of money as motivation for weight loss, including how viewers could make thousands just for trimming their waistlines. The segment featured discussions with four HealthyWage winners, as well as an interview with HealthyWage Co-Founder, David Roddenberry. Also highlighted was HealthyWage’s impressive record of helping participant…  READ MORE

ABC’s Nightline – 2x

HealthyWage has been featured twice on ABC News’s Nightline. In the latest coverage, anchors Dan Harris and Lindsay Davis introduce HealthyWage participant Christina Maher and then lead the audience through her challenge journey to lose 40 pounds and win $7,310 for her success. HealthyWage Co-founder Jimmy Fleming is on hand to award Ms. Maher her winning check! View …  READ MORE

$10,000 HealthyWage Team Challenge winners announced on ‘The Doctors.’ Watch as the four panelists of the hit TV show discuss how you can win while you lose by participating in HealthyWage challenges, and review recent findings from The Mayo Clinic on the success of incentivizing weight loss. Then, join in the excitement as they announce the good news to a $10,000 winning team afte…  READ MORE

Fox News

“In an effort to reduce health care costs, a growing number of companies are offering cash to overweight workers who lose weight.”  Fox News covered HealthyWage’s corporate weight loss competitions, including an interview with co-founder David Roddenberry. “People really get into competing and winning,” says David Roddenberry of Healthy Wage; “whether t…  READ MORE

Woman’s Day

Just try and resist this site’s unique approach: They actually pay you to lose weight and stay healthy… Besides fattening your wallet (and slimming you down), HealthyWage provides wellness tools, a support network and encourages healthy, doctor-monitored weight loss. Do you ever need a little kick in the behind or a congratulatory pat on the back in order to stay focused on your w…  READ MORE

NBC News

Determined to slim down, Calvin Gardner opted to put his money where his mouth was: He bet $300 that he could drop 50 pounds in six months. It was a gamble, but the odds were good. If he succeeded, he’d more than triple his money. The only downside: he’d lose his cash if he didn’t lose the weight. The unusual betting scheme Gardner chose is offered by the HealthyWage company,…  READ MORE

The Wall Street Journal

Rarely a workday passes when Fred Thebeu doesn’t dream of lunching with reckless abandon on a cheeseburger and fries. Problem is, the customer-service manager for a St. Louis-based marketing research company says, he fears the friendly tongue-lashing he’ll get from his boss. As his teammate in a 12-week weight-loss competition sponsored by their employer, that boss, Terry Millard, …  READ MORE

The Globe and Mail

So you think you can lose a few extra pounds, huh? Wanna bet? A new, unconventional weight-loss program encourages dieters to gamble their way to a leaner figure. The program, HealthyWage, touts you can “Win money for losing weight.” According to The Huffington Post, dieters who put down $100 can win $200 if they lose 10 per cent of their bodyweight within six months. If they can&r…  READ MORE

The Wall Street Journal

HealthyWage featured on the “Live” edition of The Wall Street Journal earlier this year. When Your Boss Becomes Your Weight-Loss Coach Employer-sponsored weight-loss contests are booming. Joy Global sales assistant Jennifer Colosimo joins Lunch Break with her own corporate weight-loss success story, and WSJ Work & Family columnist Sue Shellenbarger takes stock of the national t…  READ MORE

Chicago Tribune

Being fit can do more than help you lose weight. In today’s workplace, it can even put money in your pocket. “Studies have shown that financial incentives are great tools for weight loss,” said Jimmy Fleming, co-founder of HealthyWage, a purveyor of financial incentive-based weight-loss programs for businesses and individuals. “There was a study that took a big group of…  READ MORE

New York Times

Excerpt: Individuals and corporations aren’t always able to give these contests the structure they need for people to take them seriously.  Enter HealthyWage.  The company, which is less than three years old, started by paying people $100 if they moved from obesity to a healthy weight. Individuals and corporations aren’t always able to give these contests the structu…  READ MORE

Yahoo! Finance

HealthyWage Members Collectively Lose a Staggering 880,000 Pounds and Gain $450,000 in 2011 Alone Amid Explosive Individual and Corporate Wellness Participant Growth. HealthyWage is founded on research that proves cash rewards triple the effectiveness of weight loss programs. “Studies show that monetary incentives serve to enhance the effectiveness of, and duly complement, weight-loss pr…  READ MORE

HealthyWage was featured in a story on KTLA5 to discuss how making a wager on your weight loss with HealthyWage is a great way to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions. Is the old adage “it pays to be healthy” really true? According to reporter Cher Calvin, it absolutely is when you participate in a HealthyWage challenge! Click on the video above to view the full piece. READ MORE

CBS San Francisco

Nothing is as convincing in terms of HealthyWage’s track record of success for helping participants lose weight as stories direct from some of our successful winners. CBS San Francisco  featured a stay-at-home mom who lost over 30 pounds and won $1,000 with HealthyWage. Bay Area dieter Deb Goren is one of the winners.   Goren joined up with four friends to weight wage…  READ MORE

Medical Director Matthew McKenna sat down for an in-depth interview on Atlanta’s CW69 news program ‘Focus Atlanta’ to discuss the increasing epidemic of obesity in our nation, and the role that HealthyWage can play in helping to eradicate this problem. The benefits provided by HealthyWage’s Challenges through wagering on your weight loss – accountability, mot…  READ MORE

Daily News New York

New York’s big losers are big winners with apps that reward weight loss. Break a sweat — or else you’ll break the bank. New Yorkers are getting inspired to perspire by gambling on their weight in a new fitness phenomena that hits dieters where it counts: the wallet. “I put my money where my mouth is,” says Bronx resident Jasmin Hashi, 26, who bet $150 that she cou…  READ MORE

Washington Post

HealthyWage was featured on the front page of the Washington Post after HealthyWage partnered up with Meritus Health for a $10,000 Team Challenge. “At Meritus Health, a sprawling new medical center in Hagerstown, Md., 24 teams of five employees, most of them women, are in the fourth week of HealthyWage’s most recent contest against squads from 13 other competito…  READ MORE

Win money for losing weight online

Dieting for dollars is a concept that’s catching on across the country and a local woman is a big winner for losing. It’s weight loss with a twist. You actually gamble money on your weight loss. if you lose, you win and a local woman won more than $500. Amy Goodman is light on her feet, able to climb hills and a bundle of energy. Read the full article  READ MORE

Houston teams compete to lose weight for cash

If you were offered a fat check, would you be more motivated to trim down? A new study found cash for weight loss proves to be a great incentive. With $10,000 on the line, Houstonians are meeting the challenge, hoping to take home the money. A group of five educators from the Houston Independent School District’s Robinson Elementary have been sweating it out for a 12-week challenge that …  READ MORE

Time Magazine

Time Magazine helped to introduce HealthyWage to the general population. “There are plenty of reasons for Welmoed Sisson to lose weight. She’d feel better, be healthier and fit into that skirt she wore 20 years ago before she became obese. She knows all this, and yet there may be only one incentive powerful enough to get the 49-year-old resident of Gaithersburg, Md., to pass on the…  READ MORE

Consumer Reports

There’s no shortage of stuff consumers can buy to help their weight loss efforts, including memberships in diet plans and infomercial gadgets. But what if you could make money by losing weight? Does the promise of a monetary reward actually motivate people to lose weight? See what Consumer Reports has to say about HealthyWage’s offerings  READ MORE

HealthyWage was featured on KPRC-TV inviting Houston residents to join the $10,000 Team Challenge, where teams of 5 compete to lose the greatest percentage of weight in 12 weeks. First place wins $10,000, second place wins $5,000, and 3rd place wins $3,000. Plus, more cash prizes offered.


Weight loss gamble. Morning anchors Scott Light, Tracye Hutchins, and Jeff Chirico discuss the benefits of using (and making) money as a motivator for weight loss success. Throughout the piece, two former HealthyWage participants, Sue Johnston and Bruce Laughlin, share their own weight loss success stories and cash winnings from their challenges. Check out the clip from CBS Atlanta.