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Emma S.
Winner Story #111

Emma S. from Chagrin Falls, OH

The prize amount depends on several factors that you input, including your weight loss goal. You only get your prize if you achieve your goal by the end of your weight loss competition. The average prize for goal achievers is $1,331. Weight loss is challenging – we supply the fun, motivation and accountability, but you have to supply the effort!

Emma S.

Name: Emma S.

From: Chagrin Falls, OH

Lost: 51 lbs

in: 6 months

Won: $1079

“I always came up with an excuse,” Emma S. says, recalling her previously failed attempts at weight loss. “I’ll do it tomorrow, or my husband loves me the way I am so why bother?” were of few of her common excuses. It wasn’t until she came across an article about HealthyWage on The Penny Hoarder that Emma finally found the accountability she was looking for. “The thought of losing money if I didn’t reach was goal was more tangible and painful. The procrastination voice was a lot quieter.”
Emma bet $50 a month for 6 months that she would lost 50 pounds. She crushed her goal, losing 51 pounds and winning $1,079!
Already a fan and the Paleo diet, Emma came across the Ketogenic diet and it just clicked with her. Removing sugar from her diet (including fruit) and learning to listen to her body and eat only she was hungry instead of designated times, Emma started seeing the pounds drop…and her energy increase.
“I’ve learned to offend people. I come from a very strict culture where you please people. Now, I don’t feel obligated to eat food that people put in front of me. It’s okay to say ‘no’ to food. It’s not worth that bite or pleasing people to jeopardize the healthy lifestyle I’ve created.”
With a newfound appreciation of how food can be a source of fuel for her body and not a resource to turn to when stressed, Emma began adding exercise to her schedule. Not a huge fan of physical activity, Emma likes to utilize it as “me” time while her 2-year-old son is napping, and catch up on her favorite television shows, while working out on the elliptical machine.
“I’m grateful for [HealthyWage] because it finally got me to do something I really needed to do for a long time. Thank you!”

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