Mini-Challenge #1: Best Team Name & Before Photo


1) Meet as a team to brainstorm ideas to come up with an official Team Name & “Before” Photo.  Please keep the names and photos “family friendly” (your entry may otherwise get disqualified).  

Note: since many teams have members that are not necessarily in the same location, several photos integrated into one presentable shot is allowed and encouraged.

2) Use the Jackpot tools on your HealthyWage dashboard by connecting with you teammates.

Team Challenge Screenshot

3) Upload your photo and team name with a short blurb describing your team on your mini-challenge tab in your Jackpot Challenge Portal by clicking view entry and entering your photo and description.

4) Be sure to promote your entry to friends, family and co-workers through any channels you feel comfortable with, including your Facebook page our Facebook page, email and other social media outlets such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

5) Review the Official Rules and Guidelines for Mini-Challenges here.

6) Make sure to read your weekly emails for how the winners will be determined. 

Here are a couple of great examples of past teams for you to get some ideas, begin brainstorming and get the creative juices flowing!


Mini-Challeng # 1 Examples 

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