Jackpot – Official Mini-Challenge Rules

Instructions to Voters:

We take pride in conducting fair and objective mini-challenges that are designed to help people lose weight.  Please carefully consider all of the entries and then vote for the one entry that you determine makes the best use of creativity, aesthetics, personality, informational elements, motivation and excitement to inspire a wide audience to lose weight and be healthy.Instructions to Mini-Challenge Participants:

1. All Mini-Challenge entries must be entered through the your mini-challenge tab by clicking the button that will say the name of your challenge. 

2. Only votes entered through the the mini-challenge tab on our website will be counted. 

3. No person may vote more than once in a given mini-challenge in any given contest.  Double voting by any means—including, but not limited to, creating phony Facebook accounts (manually or using software or by any other means); by compensating another person(s) for the use of their Facebook account(s); or by compensating another person(s) to vote in the mini-challenge—is strictly prohibited. 

4. Duplicate entries will be deleted and extra votes from any duplicate entries will not be counted and/or combined.

5. Voting for each specific Mini-Challenge ends at 11:59 PM PT on the date each challenge ends. (See your weekly emails for the ending dates specific to your challenge.) Any votes received after midnight Pacific time will not be counted.

6. You must follow the guidelines for each individual Mini Challenge. If a challenge includes a photo entry and you do not submit a photo, your votes will not be counted.

7. If your team wins a Mini Challenge, you will receive a notification on how to get your prize. 

8. Make sure to have fun!

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