Featured HealthyWager Winners


Emily S_B&A

Emily S. from Norristown, PA

Lost: 101 Pounds | Won: $5,181

“A month after signing up for my first HealthyWager, I ended up getting the flu and was sick for a solid 3 to 4 weeks, gaining an additional 12 pounds from my starting weight. I actually thought I had blown the entire thing and had wasted all this money. Once I stopped feeling sorry for myself, I realized I had goals to crush and money to win. It was at that moment I knew I was going to win and I did.”

Laura M_B&A

Laura M. from Atchison, KS

Lost: 103 Pounds | Won: $1,030

“Not only does HealthyWage give you the motivation of money (who doesn’t want to win money for losing weight?), but it also gives you an opportunity to invest in yourself...My financial return was great, but mentally and physically, it’s an even better return.”


 Matthew W_B&A

Matthew W. from Collegeville, PA

Lost: 80 Pounds | Won: $2,104
“When I saw a picture of myself from a wedding in 2018 and I was at my highest weight ever of 285, I decided I needed to get healthy for my family.”


Tricia O_B&A

Tricia O. from Stewartsville, MO

Lost: 76 Pounds | Won: $1,238
“I started this journey a year ago and would have failed so many times had I not made this bet!!!”


Katherine L_B&A

Katherine L. from Greene, ME

Lost: 71 Pounds | Won: $1,192
 “My mindset has changed and I have grown so much over [the course of my HealthyWager Challenge]. I have made new goals, bigger dreams, and I take control of my life now more than I ever have before.”


Kyle M_B&A

Kyle M. from Kansas City, MO

Lost: 50 Pounds | Won: $3,206
“When people gain weight, they gain so much more than just pounds. It’s the same thing with losing weight. When you lose weight, you’re gaining confidence and success.”


Holly M_B&A

Holly M. from Redmond, OR

Lost: 82 Pounds | Won: $3,558
“I am a different person now [since losing weight]. Not only physically, but mentally as well. I have a new mindset and my health comes first.”


Paula S_B&A

Paula S. from Athens, IL

Lost: 71 Pounds | Won: $2,573
 “Once I realized that I was in full control, that everything about my body was because of choices that I made and I couldn’t blame it on anything else, I made the commitment to lose the weight. Then I thought, ‘well, why not get paid for doing it?’”


Cory H_B&A

Cory H. from Eugene, OR

Lost: 72 Pounds | Won: $1,021
"I feel like a whole person honestly...it feels like I have a totally new body. The after pic of me racing is from the Ironman 70.3 in Victoria, where I finished and pretty much hit all my race goals!"

Lashea B_B&A

Lashea B. from Fort Worth, TX

Lost: 57 Pounds | Won: $2,307
“You’re getting paid to focus on yourself. It forces you to think about and make yourself a priority.”


Rachel S_B&A

Rachel S. from Pooler, GA

Lost: 51 Pounds | Won: $2,400
“I decided if I’m going to commit to [losing weight], then I might as well go in full force and really tie myself down to something I can’t get out of.”

Doug S_B&A

Doug S. from Reidsville, NC

Lost: 56 Pounds | Won: $1,223
“With HealthyWage, I was able to lose the weight I wanted, learn to live a healthier lifestyle, and was even able to start running, which I haven’t done since high school!”


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