All About the Coach Feed

The Coach Feed was designed with your weight loss success in mind. Treat it as your own personal trainer, nutritionist, and motivational coach. Each day you'll find a new tip, idea, or informational tidbit, along with a daily action item. We've culled the collective expertise and weight loss passions of the HealthyWage team to create this super useful tool for you. Here's what you'll get in the Coach Feed:

Weekly Themes

Week 1 - Getting Started Week: Start your challenge on the right track. We've got your roadmap for success right here!
Week 2 - Support Week: We've got you covered with support, so take advantage of it.
Week 3 - K.I.S.S. Week: This week, we're keepin' it simple, sweetie. Tips, tricks, and pointers on simplifying your weight loss.
Week 4 - Nerd Week: Just the facts! We're getting geeky with weight loss science, and doing a little mythbusting along the way.
Week 5 - Goal Obsession Week - A little healthy obsession can be a good thing.
Week 6 - S.M.A.R.T. Week - The Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Oriented way to approach weight loss.
Week 7 - Personality Week - Discover your weight loss personality and how it impacts your journey toward success 
Week 8 - Life on the Outside Week - You've got this weight loss thing down within your own 4 walls, but you can't stay there forever!
Week 9 - Celebrity Week - Find out the methods and plans celebrities who've lost weight swear by for their long-term success.
Week 10 - Progress, Not Perfection Week - This week is all about keepin' it real and ditching the notion that the only road that leads to weight loss success is straight and narrow.
Week 11 - International Week - Let's take a trip around the world and find some new methodologies worth adopting.
Week 12 - This Isn't The End Week - This challenge might be ending, but you've got a lifetime ahead of you. We're equipping you to get on with it!

Want to be a successful loser? Make sure you check out and participate in the Coach Feed every single day! It might take a little discipline, but isn't that what weight loss is all about?


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