HealthyWage Verification Instructions

Video Verification:

Video verification is the recommended method to submit your weigh-in. Simply use your smart phone or camera to make a short private video of you weighing-in. This is the fastest and easiest verification option.


What to wear: One layer; no shoes; nothing in your pockets.  See Details 

Scale: Accurate, new-ish digital scale. See Details

Video: Make a video containting these shots: See Details

Upload your video when logged in to your HealthyWage profile.


Verification by a Gym/Doctor:

Get weighed-in by any wellness, health, pharmacy, or medical professional, or at any WeightWatchers meeting (for WW members). 

Where to go: Participants can go to their own gym or doctor and HealthyWage has a large network of participating gyms and health clubs.

What to wear: One layer of normal workout or street clothing in addition to undergarments. No shoes, nothing in your pockets, and no jackets.

What to do: Bring your VerifyMe! form with you to the verification.  The verifier will measure your weight, and you can self-report your height.  The verifier will either enter the information directly to our website or fill out your VerifyMe! form and you can submit it through your profile.

Depending on when the verifier reports the verification it can be within the hour or may take a few days.  But don't worry - your verification will be valid from the day you do the weigh-in.  

We rely on the verifiers to keep the contests fair. Fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud are serious crimes that HealthyWage carefully investigates. HealthyWage works with law enforcement to ensure that cheaters and those that help them are prosecuted. If you verify a winner, you may be asked to sign an affidavit about this verification, certifying that you measured the participant’s stats and followed the rules listed below. 


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