Verification by a Fitness or Health Professional

Another easy option! Just print your VerifyMe! form from your challenge dashboard and take it to any health or fitness professional (we recommend you call ahead). They will sign your form indicating they witnessed your weigh-in, on the form and return it to you. Just scan it or take a photo of it with your phone (easiest option), and upload it to your challenge dashboard.

       1. Have your weigh-in witnessed by a health or fitness professional, using your VerifyMe! form
2. Scan or take a photo of your completed form
3. Log in to HealthyWage and upload the file through your dashboard
4. You're done!

Some location and witness options include: your local gym, pharmacies, corporate wellness clinics, walk-in clinics, HR reps, nurses, your personal doctor, your personal trainer or your chiropractor.

If you're participating through a company: HealthyWage will provide a list of weigh-in centers located around your work-site via your challenge dashboard, beginning about one week prior to the challenge start. You can find this link at the top of your dashboard, just under top header:

Weigh-in Locations Screen Shot

These locations have partnered with HealthyWage to perform weigh-ins for a particular employer. We have set these up for your convenience, but use of one of our clubs is not required unless otherwise specified.

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