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One of the best ways to successfully lose weight is to monitor and track everything that you eat. (Seriously, every single bite that passes those lips should be written down!) Not only does tracking help you to stay on course with your calories, it also makes you more mindful of what you choose to put in your mouth. When you know you'll have to track that handful of chips you sneak from the bag, you might just be inclined to skip them altogether. 

food tracking

Here are some tips to help you get started with food tracking, and to help keep you going strong with the practice for the duration.

          1) Track everything that you eat IMMEDIATELY after you eat it so that you don't forget.

          2) Decide on the method (digital or pen and paper) that works best for you and keep it close by at all times.

          3) Pay attention to your portions. Don't just assume that the large spoonful of peanut butter you just swiped from the peanut butter jar is a serving size. Check the nutrition label and then measure it out accordingly.

          4) Eat at home, or do your research in advance. It's much easier to accurately track the calories you've consumed when you can check the labels of all of the ingredients you use in a dish. If you're dining out, a quick google search can often help you find the nutrition information for many popular restaurants.

          5) Don't forget to track your drinks. After all, liquid calories are still calories!

And perhaps most importantly of all, DON'T CHEAT! Tracking is a tool for you and for your successful weight loss. Cheating on a food log undermines its whole purpose. So, just don't do it!

Here are some tracking ideas and methods for you to check out:

Weight Watchers - The core of the Weight Watchers method is tracking your food. Their plan will equip to track with minimal effort according to a scientifically-proven plan.

My Fitness Pal - free tracking app

Lose It! - free tracking app

SparkPeople - free tracking app

Printable Food Logs - lots of free options here


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