Weight Loss Challenges
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Success Stories

Preston P.

from Jacksonville, TX

160 lbs.
18 months
“Using HealthyWage to lose weight motivated me to stay on track with my eating and exercising by having ‘skin in the game!’ I couldn’t have made the progress I did without committing to my wager.”
Results Will Vary

Michele W.

from Zephyr Cove, NV

53 lbs.
9 months
“Being able to choose [how I lost the weight] was key for me. It would be hard to sign up for something where I could only eat this or have to buy that.”
Results Will Vary

Jamaka G.

from Newport, NC

101 lbs.
13 months
"The best person to bet on is yourself. That gave me the motivation to lose the weight and stick with it, as well as to keep it off."
Results Will Vary

Why Weight Loss Contests Work

It’s really quite simple: money motivates! Leading academic research* shows that the chance to win money enhances weight loss success, making dieters up to five times more likely to lose weight.

HealthyWage uses cash-based weight-loss challenges designed to help end procrastination, encourage perseverance, and harness the power of your desire to avoid losing your wager.

Jillian Michaels Global Health & Fitness Expert
“HealthyWager is the ultimate solution. It uses psychology and cash prizes to provide the structure and motivation you need to succeed.”
Jillian Michaels
Global Health & Fitness Expert
Official HealthyWage
HealthyWage LLC