Team Through Christ, The Recession and B.Y.E Start 2017 Slimmer and Richer!

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

The October 14, 2016 Team Challenge brought out the motivation and determination to win in all our participants. Going through holidays full of tasty feasts, these teams said “no” to seconds and instead scored a 3-way win for 1st place! Congratulations to teams Through Christ, The Recession and B.Y.E., who split the $18,000 (1st, 2nd, 3rd place prizes combined), each team taking home $6,000!

Through Christ – First Place (tie)


Percent Weight Loss: 16:59%

Consisting of friends and family (including a father-son duo) connected through their “love of Jesus,” Team Through Christ was on a mission to lose weight but needed the motivation. After seeing Team Captain Bob B. lose 60 pounds in a previous HealthyWage $10,000 Team Challenge and win 1st place, these fellow teammates were eager to jump on board to the healthy train express!

I knew that I needed two key things to be successful in losing weight. The first was group accountability and support. Knowing that I was part of a team motivated me to be sure not to let the others down.The second thing that helped me be successful is competition. I am an extremely competitive person, and seeing rankings against others helped me to double down my effort to stay on top,” states teammate Joshua P.

Through daily group texts that consisted of accountability and guidance, Through Christ was able to help each other stay on track despite being located in different states. “We would all pitch in our advice to overcome the obstacle, as well as show our support.”

Whereas the challenge may be over, the determination and commitment to health isn’t. “We have kept encouraging each other since the contest has finished,” says Joshua P. “Through the encouragement I received, I went from not being able to run a half mile before the challenge to running seven miles today, all of which was encouraged my my buddies from my team.”

B.Y.E. – First Place (tie)


Percent Weight Loss: 16:59%

These friends and family wanted to lose weight and get healthy but it wasn’t until they found out they could win $10,000 that Team B.Y.E. got serious and started saying “buh-bye” to the excess weight and “hello” to huge cash winnings.

“Seeing the pounds melt away kept the drive going easily, but the $10,000 was what kept the cheat meals out of the picture,” relays Team Captain Cori B. To help ensure everyone was staying on track and receiving the support they needed, Cori B. “communicated with each teammate personally everyday,” where they “would share and discuss what [they] were going through and encourage one another.”

Talking with each other on a daily basis (even after the challenge has completed), this tight group of 5 not only gained their health (and a lot of money), but found their strength as well. “We grew stronger and held each other accountable when one of us would be struggling,” exclaims Cori B.


The Recession – First Place (tie)

B&A_Shannon P

Shannon P. (Left photo taken in 2014 before her 1st HealthyWage challenge and right taken after completing the October 2016 challenge).

Team Percent Weight Loss: 16:59%

The family that loses weight together, gets richer together…at least that’s what Team The Recession found out when they entered the $10,000 Team Challenge and ended up tying for 1st place! Using both money and personal health goals as their motivator, this family helped keep one another inline by texting daily and “junk” talking on each other when someone started to fall off the wagon.

Participating in her third HealthyWage contest, teammate Shannon P. decided to sign up because “I wanted to see what my body could do and push myself past my comfort zone!” she states. “I really wanted a new laptop and really wanted to hit my fitness goals,” she adds when asked what kept her going through though the 12-week challenge.


Congratulations to our 1st place winners and all the incredible teams who participated in the October $10,000 Team Challenge!

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