Team Perfectly Imperfect Scores Huge in the 2nd Annual Big Law Wellness Challenge!

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

Law Firms across the country came together to take the battle out of the courtroom and compete in HealthyWage’s 2nd Annual Big Law Wellness Challenge. It was a close race, but this group of 5 “fierce, amazing women” from Dinsmore & Shohl in Cincinnati, Ohio proved their determination and commitment outweighed their so-called imperfections.

Team Perfectly Imperfectly – First Place

Team_PerfectlyImperfect (before)





Weight Loss: 12.82%

Teammates: Patricia M., Debra S., Angie G., Lynn W., Debra G.

Q&A with Team Captain Patricia M.

What motivated you to get  started (get a team together and sign up)? I think the motivation was different for each of us. We had all participated last year, but not on the same team.  Three of us were on the same team last year and our team came in second place.  We were really looking for that first place win.  For two of us, it was an opportunity to team up with friends and what we felt like would be a winning team. For ALL of us, I think it was our interest in losing weight and getting healthier in the process.

Who was on your team?  Five amazing women(!), all co-workers at our law firm. Four of us have been friends for over 15 years.

What motivated you to keep going/stay on track? We stayed near the top of the heap, which I think helped tremendously. We used good tools – team meetings, team challenges, MyFitnessPal, fitness trackers and team goals.  We had “team rules” that we all agreed to abide by when we started.  We also required a weekly weigh in with one member of our team so that everyone was staying on track.  Each of us also committed to a certain percentage of weight loss. We made it very clear from the beginning that our actions, good or bad, were going to affect 4 other people, so we needed to be wholly committed.  It wasn’t always easy.

Were your intentions more weight-loss focused or win-money focused? I think it differed for each of us.  For some of us, it was simply winning the competition (me!).  For others, it was the health aspect.  I think that the money was certainly a common motivator for all of us.

How did your team communicate most often? We used different forms of communication, but mostly email or instant messenger. We also texted quite a bit and had a weekly team meeting.

What did you do if someone started to slip or get off track? We would discuss our struggles in our team meetings and look for ways to help each other get over whatever hump presented itself. We reached out to each other to offer help – or ask for help.

Did your team get together at all during the challenge (to workout, go out to dinner, etc)?  Three of us worked out almost daily at the gym at lunch and we had a weekly team meeting for all of us.

Did your team do any “internal” contests or prizes (of your own design) to help team members stay engaged/competitive and on track? Yes, we had weekly team challenges throughout the contest.  We tried to mix up the challenges and all required a $5 ante. Some were nutritional challenges, some were fitness challenges, some were mental challenges.  We plan to use the money from the challenges to have a celebratory lunch next week.

Will your team continue to stay in touch/support one another around weight loss and/or maintenance? Absolutely.  We have already done this for years.

What did you enjoy most about the challenge? Personally, I was not in a good place at the start of this challenge and one of my team members talked me into it.  I really had to buckle down and focus and I wound up losing the maximum amount of weight. For me personally, that was great. I think that we all enjoyed sharing our successes with each other and having the support of four other people.  The team aspect worked well for us.

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