Fat No Mas Brings Home The Veggie Bacon! $10k Winners!

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

Our March Team Challenge ended with a bang in late June, just in time for Independence Day. So along with the usual festivities, we hope all our teams were all also celebrating their freedom from fat! We know everyone’s been waiting for the final results, so without further adieu….here they are!

Five Saginawesome Fat Dudes – 3rd place/$3,000 Winners!

Saginaw Dudes


Percent Weight Lost: 13.89%
Total Pounds Lost: 180 pounds

Five Saginawesome Fat Dudes definitely need a name revamp after losing 180 pounds over the course of this 12-week challenge! In fact, you can see by the before and after pictures to the left, they are now officially the Five Saginawesome Skinny Dudes!

This team of W.W. Williams co-workers friends and family from (as you might have guessed by their team name!) Saginaw, MI, worked hard to keep each other motivated and moving forward from week to week. They claim the weekly weigh-ins really helped them to stay on top of their progress and always focused and on track.

The chance at $10,000 definitely played a huge role in getting them started, but once they got going and started to see some results, they also realized that the reward of developing a healthier lifestyle and losing some weight was more important to their future than the money.

Each week this team would get together to weigh in, discuss the accomplishments of the past week and set goals moving forward into the next. Teammates were often able to work out together, including Father-Son teammates Dennis M and Kurt M. Dennis M. says, “We loved the competition involving the other teams. The continued supportive emails from Healthywage were great too. The “Ace” emails offered some great advice and tools to accomplish our goals and the ribbons awarded reinforced those accomplishments.”

So what’s next for these five dudes? “We are all proud of our weight loss and how far we have come in just 90 days. Participating in Healthywage has been an awesome experience and has opened our eyes to a better healthier life style. “ And proud they should be! It sounds like they’ve definitely found a new path.

Congratulations team Five Saginawesome Skinny Dudes!



Justice League Versus Dr. Fat – 2nd place/$5,000 Winners!



Percent Weight Lost: 14.18%
Total Pounds Lost: 178 pounds

This team of coworkers saw the $10,000 Team Challenge as an opportunity to work together to achieve the common goal of a healthier lifestyle. They all wanted and needed to lose weight, but the money was definitely a strong incentive to get them to finally start!

Working different shifts, the team didn’t always get a chance to see one another, eat together or work out together, but they were able to keep each other motivated and moving forward through texting and frequent email communications. The key, teammate Mario says, was that no one wanted to disappoint the others and hold them back from a win. They held each other accountable, but also realized everyone has moments of weakness, so they were supportive in those moments when someone was struggling.

This challenge has brought them closer together both personally and professionally. While they knew each other as co-workers before, they now feel like friends who happen to work together and they’ll continue to support and encourage one another now that the challenge is through.

Congratulations to this team of fat-fighters, Justice League Versus Dr. Fat! It looks like you beat the bad guy for good!



Fat No Mas – 1st place/$10,000 Winners!

Fat No Mas


Percent Weight Lost: 16.59%
Total Pounds Lost: 172 pounds

This family team are actually HealthyWage alum, having completed a challenge back in 2012 and coming in 10th at that time. Since then, some other family members also completed a Team Challenge, taking 3rd place, and inspiring the original team to come back to do it again. They were realistic about the process saying, “Even though it was fun…it was also hard. But finally we decided to just do it and make sure we won!”

The team this time around was only different by one member, and they were fueled by not wanting to let one another down. This can be especially challenging in a family dynamic, but with constant encouragement and a deep belief in each other, they powered through and achieved their goal!

So what kept them going and on track? Teammate Viola B. says, “Getting, and feeling, healthy with my family and the competitive nature of the challenge. We monitored the website constantly and did not like when one of the other teams out ranked us.”

Now that the challenge is over, the team says they’re all committed to stay healthy and continue to exercise, and that’s the stuff of lasting success! And in the end, the hard work they knew was ahead of them paid off in a big way, and team Fat No Mas came back for the win!

Congratulations team Fat No Mas!


We also had a four way tie when it came to individual ribbon prize winners! These prizes are awarded to the top 4 (or more in the case of a tie) individuals achieving the most ribbons who are not already on a winning team. Congratulations to all our high achievers below, taking home $100 each:

Jason R.
from team CA$H COW$
Sandy M.
from team Bye Bye Miss American Thigh
Snicka M.
from team Straight Losers
John R.
from team CA$H COW$

Congratulations to all our teams and participants for a spectacular challenge!

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