January 30, 2015 Winner Announcement

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

We are proud to announce the winners of the October 17, 2014 $10,000 Team Challenge!

First Place: Five Guys Five Guts!
$10,000 Winners!
163.4 Pounds Lost
16.59% Lost (maximum percentage)

Five Guys Five Guts

5 Guys 5 Guts turned their guts into $10,000, meeting the maximum percentage weight loss goal of 16.6% for the HealthyWage team challenges (16.6%). Thomas, the team captain, learned about HealthyWage through his employer, Fort Bend ISD, and decided to ask some guys that he played basketball with and who had gone to high school together to join him in the challenge. Each had their motivations for joining.

As one team member explained, “When I heard from Thomas that Fort Bend ISD was participating, I thought it would give me the extra push I needed for the physical part of the police test in terms of losing weight and with training so I could get onto the force.” Little did they know that doing so would not only make them healthier and richer, but this competition also tightened the bonds between them.

While they didn’t know each other that well before HealthyWage, they learned a lot about themselves and each other and now consider each other best friends because of this experience. They started out with a team name of 5 Guys, but they wanted a name that was unique and they all knew that they had some big guts to lose. The competitive format was very good for this group of guys because they were very competitive. Every day, they checked out the leaderboards and were determined not to settle for anything less than a first place finished. They were so competitive that they pushed each other too with a lot of trash talking for motivation.

As one team member stated, “We worked off of each other well.” Cardio was the tactic that helped them drop the most pounds. Some also still played basketball in addition to the near daily cardio. When asked what they plan on doing with the money, they said, “Three of us are going to Malaysia, Korea, and Thailand because we haven’t seen our families there in years.”

Second Place: Hofman Mission Slimpossible
$5,000 Winners!
206 Pounds Lost
14.99% Weight Loss

Hofman Mission Slimpossible Team

The Hofmans, an Idaho family that go by the name of Mission Slimpossible in the HealthyWage weight loss challenges, wanted to have a family competition for losing weight and keeping it off so they could get healthy again. They looked to create a team of eight people who would put up their own money and challenge each other to win the whole pot. In the course of setting up their own challenge, they discovered HealthyWage in their research and picked five family members who wanted to participate the most.

In order to compete on the team, each family member had to write a commitment letter, which would keep them focused on what they promised to achieve. This gave them an opportunity to have an internal challenge amongst themselves while still rooting for each other to be successful. They leveraged their individual competitive spirits to push as hard as they could and were always checking the leaderboards to see if they could stay on top. Although they were competing against each other to a certain extent, the family members did a lot of the competition together, including meeting weekly and going to the gym.

Going to work out together helped them to push even harder. They created some stringent rules for each other to do everything they could. While they understood that they would not necessarily lose weight everyday, it was more important to maintain constant communication about where they all stood. In the end, not only did they achieve their goals, but they also won the HealthyWage Fall 2014 Jackpot and garnered 2nd place in the October 17th Team Challenge. When asked what HealthyWage did for them, John Hofman noted his personal reflection on the competition: “I’ve tried Plenty of diets, and this was the first time in 20 years that I could actually stick to one and lose the weight successfully. The challenge also unified us and brought us a lot closer as a family.”

Third Place: Juice or Juice not, there is no FRY
$3,000 Winners!
189 Pounds Lost
14.95% Weight Loss


Team Juice Or No Juice, There is No Fry were all big Star Wars fans who decided to start off the competition with a fun name that reflected their rapport with each other and their

shared love of this famous film not to mention their friendship and similar beliefs. The team name was a play on a quote from Yoda, one of the film’s characters, who said, “Do or not there is no try.” In this case, if they were going to lose weight there would have to be no fry – no fries and no fried foods.

They first heard about HealthyWage after one of the team members had signed up for an individual challenge but was struggling to meet the deadline for it. He approached them about joining him in a team challenge. Since they all had some weight to lose and wanted to help their friend, they signed up and felt that they could have more fun losing the weight together than on their own. He appreciated their help, noting he might not have made it otherwise: “This team challenge saved me on the individual challenge. I started strong but then stalled out along the way. I am now on track to win, but I wouldn’t have made it if I didn’t join this challenge with these guys.”

There were challenges, including one member who had to go to the ER but overcame his medical crisis and is now doing much better. To keep the fun factor and sense of brotherhood they felt toward each other, they used the Star Wars theme throughout the HealthyWage competition, which made the mini-challenges a lot of fun. In the end, the team grabbed third place in the October 17th Team Challenge and is now planning to celebrate their financial reward together somehow, including possibly going on a cruise together. When asked what HealthyWage did for them, one team member said, “This is the best we have felt in a long time, and we are winners no matter what we place. The most important part now is moving forward after the challenge is over.”

   Five Guys, Five Guts

ChallengeWeight Loss%LossWon
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