Jan 6th $10,000 Team Challenge is a New Year’s Success!

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

There’s nothing like a huge cash incentive to get people motivated to lose weight and the January 6, 2017 Team Challenge proved just that! With over 350 teams across the country competing, we had a 7-way tie for 1st place!


Congratulations to our winners, Teams Eagle’s Wings, Gut Reaction, Hut to it, MERCYless, Notoriously B.I.G., Skinny Kids and Missy’s Men and Mike for losing a combined total of 1,457 pounds (that’s an average weight loss 42 pounds per team member)! Because of the tie, the $18,000 in top team prizes has been pooled together, and all top 7 teams will be taking home $2,571.00.


Team Missy’s Men and Mike – Percentage weight loss: 16.59%

Team Missy's Men and Mike


Team MERCYless from Mercy Hospital – Percentage weight loss: 16.59%

Team MERCYless

Always up for a challenge, this team co-workers (who are more like family), relied on each other throughout the 12 weeks to stay motivated and on track. “We were able to see each other on a daily basis and we kept track of everyone on a white board to keep them accountable,” states team member Lori D. “We made it fun, but don’t think we weren’t serious.” In addition, being able to see and interact with competing teams throughout the challenged inspired Team MERCYless. “To see that so many people were excited about being healthy and made it a competition, was encouraging.”


Not pictured:

Team Skinny Kids – Percentage weight loss: 16.59%

This group of friends, family and co-workers stayed connected “through the world’s longest group message (over 2,700 text message),” claims team member Patrick M. By deciding as a group on a set of strict diet and alcohol rules, team Skinny Kids slimmed down by watching their food and drink intake, doing group workouts, and consistently supporting one another through group messaging. In addition, they included their own incentive to score #1: “anybody who didn’t hit the 16.59 % was going to pay for the others the entrance fee for the team members who made it.” Now that’s accountability!


Team Eagle’s Wings from Carnival – Percentage weight loss: 16.59%

Team Gut Reaction from Schlumberger – Percentage weight loss: 16.59%

Team Hut to it – Percentage weight loss: 16.59%

Team Notoriously B.I.G. – Percentage weight loss: 16.59%


And, congratulations to our ribbon winners, who split the ribbon pot of $2,000, each taking home $71.42!

Amanda C., Team Fighting Cravings on Taco at a time

Anna M., Team 20-7-Lean

James W., Team Guardians of the Calorie

Brian P., Team Jumbo Jets

Carol H., Team DietTribe: Teacher Edition

Cathleen B., Team Cell Shrinkers

Jose B., Team Gourmands

Denise B., Team BIG Money Wagers

Dianna P., Team AlexisAntes.com

Dolores C., Team Lean On Me

Emmie G., Team 20-7-Lean

Estella C.., Team Lean On Me

Jennifer S., Team Guardians of the Calorie

Jesse W., Team Gourmands

James P., Team New Creations

Joshua L., Team Lean On Me

Juanita P., Team New Creations

Julia W., Team Guardians of the Calorie

Nina B., Team New Creations

Melody H., Team Guardians of the Calorie

Melva H., Team Bacon Candy Fudge Tacos Cake

Matt H., Team Guardians of the Calorie

Natasha E.., Team 20-7-Lean

Richard R., Team Big Reds

Stephanie J., Team Let’s do this!

Scott L., Team Gourmands

Shawn S., Team Gourmands

Samantha B., Team Vinny’s Angels


The Jan 6, 2017 $10,000 Team Challenge was a huge success thanks to all our amazing participants who worked hard, stayed committed and ended up losing over 23,000 pounds!

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