Graceful Losers, Los Cinco Perdedores Tie for Big Money!

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

Another great challenge has wrapped up and we are EXCITED to announce the winners from our Aurora $10,000 team challenge! We had some fierce competition, with so many teams dedicated to losing weight and coming out on top! One thing is also clear, the family based teams swept the field this year!

We know you’re all waiting for it, so let’s get to it! With two teams maxing out on weight loss (16.59%) AND maxing out on winning ribbons (awarded for weighing in weekly and other activities beneficial to weight loss success) – we had a two-way tie! With that said, the winners of the Aurora $10,000 Team Challenge are …

The Flab Busters – 3rd Place/$3,000 Winners

Percent Weight Loss: 14.30%
Total Pounds Lost: 176.4 pounds

Flab Busters


This tight-knit family team of five wanted to lose weight and get in shape for the summer, but once the HealthyWage challenge came around they figured, why not do that and win some cash as well?!

The team structure of the challenge is what helped this team stay on track throughout – “no one wanted to be the weak link, we wanted to dwell for the team overall.”

While the team was always supportive of one another, they constantly pushed one another, striving to come out on top from one week to the next. They even had a little side bet running through the challenge – whoever lost the greatest percentage of weight wins a free meal, on the others!

As a family team, this team is sticking together to help stay on top of their health and weight loss goals! When asked what they liked best about the challenge, “being able to work as a team and being able to go on the HealthyWage website and follow how other teams are doing compared to ours, working hard to move up in the standings…We all came such a long way from where we started, it is awesome to see our hard work pay off in lost pounds and feeling better!”

It certainly paid off, figuratively and literally! Congratulations to the Flab Busters!


Los Cinco Perdedores – 1st Place/$7,500 Winners

Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%
Total Pounds Lost: 273.7 pounds

Los Cinco Perdedores


Another family team at the top! This team was maxed out on motivation when they got together, making sure that everyone on the team was as focused and ready to achieve as the others. From family weddings, upcoming vacations, and lots of young kids needing healthy parents – they were shooting for health and hoped the money would follow!

Because they’re family, they were able to get together often as a team, share meals and exercise together, even getting some of their extended family involved, making the whole process easier for everyone. They recruited Mike A’s wife as their team personal trainer and coach – she even helped with meal planning and workouts! The team credits the competition and website with helping them stay motivated and on track to achieve their goals, “Keeping track of everyone’s progress and achievements was something I looked forward to every day as well as the end of every week!” Of the challenge, they also said, “We are happy to see another team have as much success as we did!” That’s sportsmanship!

Los Cinco Perdedores means “the five losers” in Spanish – this team knew they could lose the weight but they are now focused on what’s next – maintaining a healthy weight. Mike A. says, “Maintaining a healthy weight has been a challenge for our family, so we will do our best to motivate each other and celebrate our successes.” That attitude, combined the the support of their teammates and family – we think that spells long-term success. Congratulations Los Cinco Perdedores!


The Graceful Losers – 1st Place/$7,500 Winners!

Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%
Pounds Lost: 176.6 pounds

Graceful Losers


The Graceful Losers were in it to win it from the very start! They formed their team and immediately calculated out what each team member would need to lose to max out their weight loss. The plan was to max out and “just see what happens!” Either way they would have done their best….and in this case, their best certainly performed!

This very competitive family cites the Aurora $10,000 Team Challenge as the motivation they needed to start their weight loss journey. “We really ENJOYED participating in the HealthyWage competition! It gave us all the motivation we needed to do what we’ve all wanted to do for a long time…commit to our weight loss. With the incentive, encouragement, and competition, we were all able to succeed in our 12 week goals. ”

They are still getting together regularly to help one another with their goals – whether that’s to continue to stay active, to eat better or even just maintaining their weight, they say “We learned this lifestyle is something we can all do and will be able to continue to live a healthy life now and in the future. ”

No doubt! Congratulations to the Graceful Losers!

We also had a six way tie when it came to individual ribbon prize winners! These prizes are awarded to the top 4 individuals achieving the most ribbons who are not already on a winning team. Congratulations to all our high achievers below, taking home $200 each:

Shirley N.
from team We Can Do This!
Danielle S.
from team In it 2 Win it All
John S.
from team Omni Power!!!!
Lyndsay D.
from team Junk-in-the-Trunk Busters
Shawn N.
from team We Can Do This!
Vincent W.
from team From Losers 2 Winners!

Congratulations to all our teams and participants for a spectacular challenge!

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