$Over $1,000!

BJC HealthCare’s Raffle and Ribbon Winners

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

BJC HealthCare $10,000 Team Challenge participants won more than $1,000 in additional prizes! Congratulations to the following raffle and ribbon winners:

Alan Z., Team The Avengers

Amanda S., Team I am coffee

Amanda S., Team The Husky Bumpkins

Amy K., Team Fat Fighting 5

Anne S., Team Silent Assassins

Becky F., Team The Money Makers

Benjamin B., Team The Lost Light

Brian A., Team GonnaTry5

Carol S., Team The Avengers

Cathy W., Team Choose To Lose!

Christina S., TEAM JACKK

Christina S., Team CRAP-FAT-B-GONE

Christine B., Team Hangry Hangry Hippos

Christine W., Team Mission Slim Possible

Christine H., Team Eddie and his 4 Ho Hos

Christopher H., Team The Lost Light

Christy A., Team Fat girls get down!

Crystal R., Team Fantastic 5

Dennis B., Team 6 CAM Techs


Elizabeth G., Team Funky Chicken

Ellie T., Team Muffin to Buffin

Emily G., Team Joe B and the Pussycats

Gary F., Team Muffin to Buffin

Gina W., Team Fit For Life

Helen S., Team The Slimsons

Jaclyn F., Team Bod Squad

Jamie W., Team SSH Mission Slim Possible

Jeffrey R., Team Pharmatubbies

Jennifer T., Team Weapons of mass destruction

Jonathon H., Team Hangry Hangry Hippos

Jordyn V., TEam The Husky Bumpkins

Josh B., Team Monster

Julie W., Team rehab lightweights

Karey H.,  Team sxs1281@bjc.org

Kari A., Team The sore losers


Kelsey F., Team Joe B and the Pussycats


Kira G., Team We Like To Lose It, Lose It

Kristen M., Team MBMC Team Rehab.

LaRita C., Team Second time around …

Lauren W., Team Monster

Laurie W., Team Lost and Pounds

Leah O., Team Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Lisa S., Team Weight Away

Lisa M., Team Lori P’s Fantastic Team

Lynda S., Team The Hangry Birds

Lynette B., Team Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Maria Teresa B., Team The Heavies


Matthew B., Team SWT Pharmacy

Micah B., Team The Lost Light

Michelle Pryor, Team Card Coordinator Calorie Cutters

Michelle C., Team BooBoo Bus

Miriam W., Team BELT BUSTERS

Norma H., Team Hangry Hanrgry Hippos

Patrice W., Team Hangry Hangry HIPAAs

Rebecca C., Team Don’t PAC on the lbs

Robin G., Team FLABULESS

Rose B., Team Funtastic five

Roy H. Team The Slimtendos

Sean J., Team The Slimtendos

Shane S., Team sxs1281@bjc.org

Steven (Mike) S., Team The Hangry Birds

Tim A., Team TNT Dynamite Krew

Timothy B., Team BJC Ballers

Toni F., Team Rad Techs

Tracy N., Team SFP BJH

Whitney P., Team CRAP-PHAT-B-GONE


Joe B., Team Joe B and the Pussycats


Lanie W., Team Joe B and the Pussycats

Maria C., Team Sisterhood of The Shrinking Jeans

Miranda A., Team The Slimtendos

Sarah M., Team Sisterhood of The Srinking Jeans

Kristen S., Team The Slimtendos

Congratulations to everyone on your participation and success in the BJC HealthCare $10,000 Team Challenge!

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