Team -17% BFFB Busted It & Won $10,000!

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

The BJC $10,000 Team Challenge came to a close just two weeks ago, and we’re excited to finally announce our winners! We’ve got three great teams with great stories to share, who are all taking home some cold hard cash for their winning ways!

We won’t delay any longer! The winners are…

Heavy Breathers – 3rd place/$3,000 Winners!



Percent Weight Lost: 15.77%
Total Pounds Lost: 193 pounds

This team of co-workers from BJC was all about the chance to finally lose weight and win money for doing so!

As co-workers, they saw each other regularly and supported one another when the going got tough. Seeing that they were in or near the lead kept them motivated to keep pushing on for the win.

With friends, family and other co-workers cheering them on, they certainly succeeded at their goal, bringing home the $3,000 prize and seeing a weight loss of over 190 pounds!

Great job, team Heavy Breathers!

Nom Nom Nom No More – 2nd place/$5,000 Winners!

Nom Nom


Percent Weight Lost: 16.17%
Total Pounds Lost: 220 pounds

Team Nom Nom Nom No More came in a close second place! This team of all co-workers lost a combined total of 220 pounds (that’s an average of *45 pounds each*) for a 16.17% weight loss, keeping all the teams on their toes and working hard.

Congratulations to team Nom Nom Nom No More!



-17% BFFB (Becker Family Flubber Busters) – 1st place /$10,000 Winners!



Percent Weight Lost: 16.24%
Total Pounds Lost: 208 pounds

This close-knit team from BJC is made up of co-workers who also happen to be Family. Led by Captain Rich, his two sisters, his son and a close family friend pulled themselves together to finally lose the weight they’d been “planning to lose” for a long time! The idea of doing it together as a family and as a competition really got them excited about losing that weight!

The Becker Family Flubber Busters were driven by competition, but noted that as long as they lost the weight and had the fun of competing for first, they’d have been happy with even a token prize.

But $10,000 is no token, and their reasons for weight loss actually went far deeper than just winning a competition: getting healthier for their children, feeling and fitting better in their clothes, losing pregnancy weight, improved joint health and living a longer, healthier life in general!

They supported one another via the HealthyWage website, texts and face to face. Throughout the challenge, they worked out together, made healthy meals together and supported one another through plateaus … no one wanted to be the one that ruined the chances for the rest of the team!

To keep things even more interesting, one teammate even offered up $10/pound to the others for getting new clothes in the end! Ultimately, this family team says “it was a good way for a family to focus on the benefits of healthy eating without being critical. This was a good way for some of us to get started on the right track…” Beyond the money and just plain feeling better, Team Captain Rich says the most rewarding part was “working with each other to find good ways to lose weight, and seeing how much it meant to each other to finally get the weight off.”

Well the weight is off and this family plans to keep it that way! They are sticking together through the Holiday Maintain Don’t Gain challenge and have even joined the Prevent program offered by BJC.

Here’s to team Becker Family Flubber Busters, congratulations!


Ribbon Prizes

We also had six winners when it came to individual ribbon prize winners! These prizes are awarded to the top 4 (or more in the case of a tie) individuals achieving the most ribbons who were not already on a winning team. Congratulations to all our high achievers below, taking home $83.83 each!*

Amy B.
from team Adipose Wars – The Force Awakens
Dennis B.
from team Adipose Wars – The Force Awakens
Dan H.
from team Adipose Wars – The Force Awakens
Jerline H.
from team Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Ken R.
from team Five Guys No Fries
Sheila G.
from team Bourne Hungry

* Ribbon winners will receive an email notification about your prize by Tuesday 12/8 that contains a link to redeem.

Congratulations to all our teams and participants for a spectacular challenge!

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