Aurora’s $100 Winners

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

Congratulations to the following individuals who were randomly selected from the Aurora $10,000 Team Challenge and WON $100!

Lisa T., Team Thinning the Her-d & Him

Megan S., Team The Buoyant Bunch

Elise M., Team Weapons of Mass Reduction

Melissa U., Team Midnight Snackers

Brittany B., Team Bootie Busters

Donna H., Team The Flabulous Five

Kurt K., Team Downton Flabby

Shawn N., Team Aurora Gut Busters

Jayne B., Team The DSM-5

Chrystal B., Team Fab 5

Patty H., Team Fab 5

Eric P., Team No Excuses…Have the Power!!!

Doug H., Team determined

Melissa H., Team BabyCare Clinic Babes

Bridget D., Team #losemymuffintop

Linda V., Team BabyCare Clinic Babes

Andrea L., Hugh Jass Destruction

Carl C., Team Where there’s a will there’s a weight!

Karla T., Team Journey 2 Lose

Ann J., Team Plan B

Heather W., Team The Fluffy Five

Lisa J., Team The DSM-5

Rikki K., Team Mission Slimpossibles

Vincent W., Team Journey 2 Lose

Heidi K., Team ThomKloreen

Kristin N., Team Journey 2 Lose

Tasha J., Team Downton Flabby

Barbara W., Team South Shore Life Saves

Nicole S., Team Adrenaline Chunkies

Shelly R., Team Fit for Summer Lake Country Team

Laurie M., Team CHUG A LUGS

Sheri D., Team Weapons of Mass Reduction

Hannah B., Team Can’t weight for summer

Pakou L., Team The DSM-5

Bridget M., Team Waist Eliminators

Lynn A., Team CHUG A LUGS

Chris S., Team Starve Wars: The Empire Strikes Fat

Vicky C., Team The Storks

Jessica M., Team Journey 2 Lose

Shirley N., Team Aurora Gut Busters

Elizabeth G., Team The Storks

Joy S., Team The DSM-5

Congratulations to everyone on your participation and success in the Aurora $10,000 Team Challenge!

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