Team Fat Chance Snags the Grand Prize in February’s $10,000 Team Challenge!

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

February’s $10,000 Team Challenge proved to be a tight race with teams working hard to compete for the top 3 slots, including the grand prize of $10,000! In the end, Team Fat Chance from Arconic grabbed the the top spot, winning $10,000, Team Trim the Flash (also from Arconic) coming in 2nd place, winning $6,000, and Team SUMMER IS COMING from West Tennessee Healthcare snagging 3rd and winning $3,000.

Fat Chance – First Place

Team Fat chance _cropped

Percentage Weight Loss: 16.59%

These 4 Arconic coworkers and family member joined forces and committed to winning 1st place from the start. “We had the goal of  everybody maxing out (losing at least 16.59% of their body weight) and getting all of the ribbons from day 1,” exclaims team member Gregory U.

What kept this group of 5 on track and motivated throughout the 12-week challenge? “A lot of things,” says Gregoy, “winning, money, health, but I think the biggest factor was not wanting to let our teammates down.” Their committment definitely paid off…$10,000 to be exact!

Congratulations to Teams Fat Chance,  Team Trim the Flash, Team SUMMER IS COMING for winning the top 3 prizes, as well to all our participants for your amazing hard work, dedication and success in the February 2017 $10,000 Team Challenge!

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