3rd Annual Energy Industry Challenge Burns Bright!

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

The 3rd Annual Energy Industry Challenge pits energy giants like Phillips 66, Schlumberger and DCP Midstream against one another for bragging rights and the chance to claim themselves the leanest in the industry! This year we had a ton of success (or more accurately, a few tons)! Below you’ll find all five teams that came out at the top for the this team challenge! Because of the tie, the prize money has been pooled together, and all 5 top teams will each be taking home $3,600!

Cupcakes Anonymous – First Place (tie)

Cupacakes Anonymous

Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%
Company: Continental Resources

Friends and family make an amazing team! These guys were weight-loss oriented from the get-go, but together as a family their common goal was to make a change to feel better physically and mentally. “None of us wanted to let our team down so we kept pushing to ensure that we didn’t! We also were all striving to have that healthier lifestyle for our family so we have the extra energy to interact more with our children, and give them our very best.”

This tight-knit group used positive reinforcement to help one another through the tough times. “We constantly cheered each other on and reassured each other that we could achieve our goals.” They shared meals through holidays and were even able to work out together. “We worked together as a team, cheered each other on, and picked each other up when one of us were down.” And, they plan to continue to do so now that the challenge has ended.

“I think we would all agree that we enjoyed watching ourselves, as well as one another, change not only physically but mentally as each of us grew more confident and happy with ourselves.”

Who doesn’t love a little confidence and happiness boost? Congratulations to Team Cupcakes Anonymous!


Regulators – First Place (tie)


Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%
Company: Schlumberger

“We were tired of being un-healthy” about says it all. Also having the possibility of winning money for changing that made this just the right time for this team of co-workers from Schlumberger.

Weight loss was their main focus, but they say – the money was always on their minds. It helped them to stay on track, along with each other. They got together for weekly unverified weigh-in meetings. Their motivational strategy? “Negative reinforcement…we talked a lot of trash (we’ve worked together a long time, so we know each other very well).” Whatever works – and it obviously did!

“Our team enjoyed taking control of our bodies and our health. We really enjoyed getting fit and healthy. We also liked the weight loss challenge because you had to be responsible to a team.”

The team plans to continue to support one another, since they work together and see each other regularly. Of the challenge, they say – they enjoyed most “losing the weight, fitting in clothes, the competitiveness between the other teams, and mini-challenges!” We love those things too!

Congrats to the Regulators!


The Flab Five- First Place (tie)

The Flab-Five
Percent Weight Loss:
Company: Phillips 66

“Once I found out about this challenge, I knew I wanted to do it and I started my teammate search.” Team captain and Phillips66 employee Cory R. made the Energy Industry Challenge a family affair, pulling in his brothers and his son – knowing they were all competitive and would each give this challenge their best.

While each was focused on the weight loss and getting healthier, they all liked the idea of being rewarded for all their hard work. They texted and called and even occasionally got together to check on each others progress. When “we saw someone was slipping they would receive not one call but four. The added pressure and motivation kept everyone on track.” And while the team had some miles between them, Cory worked out almost daily with his brother before work, and then again after work with his son!

Since the challenge has ended, they have each pledged to continue to support each other as some will continue to lose and others maintain their weight loss. That’s what great teams (and families) do!

“I think the competition was our favorite part. It united us as a team, and the competition was fierce especially towards the end.” That it was!

Congrats, team!


The Walking Lead – 1st Place (tie)

The Walking Lead

Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%
Company: KBR

Team Captain Harry S. says this challenge came along at the right time. He and his co-workers (and one spouse) all felt they needed to lose weight, so this was the perfect combination of timing and extra motivation. Their goal? “Our focus was to lose weight, but also to be number 1 and win it all!”

Harry took his role seriously, setting individual weekly goals and making sure everyone achieved them! Getting to number 1 takes a lot of work, and it looks like that all paid off!

While mostly all co-workers, the team was not able to get together as a team outside of work – but they plan to get together for a celebration later this month. And it doesn’t stop just because the challenge is over. “We plan to keep in touch and support each other on keeping in good health!”

All that determination and motivation paid off – these guys are at the top! Congrats to The Walking Lead team!


Well We Tried, Pass the Gravy – 1st Place (tie)

After Photo
Percent Weight Loss:
Company: DCP Midstream

“We thought this challenge would be a good incentive to get us started on our weight loss. Our team was comprised completely of DCP employees – we are all co-workers.”

While this team’s initial goal was winning cash and being able to claim number one, their focus shifted as the challenge progressed! “Initially we all were focused on getting into first place and winning the money, but as time went on we began to see the changes taking place with our bodies and that became the focus. During the competition our company’s annual health screening was occurring and seeing the changes to our health scores changed the focus to losing weight.” What a transformation, inside and out!

To stay on track with their goals, this team took the quantitative approach! “Our team had a spreadsheet that we would enter our weekly weights into, and we had a competition among ourselves to stay on our goal and of course there was friendly but competitive banter amongst the group.” Then during weekly team phone calls, they would discuss any fall backs or struggles. They said, “By letting everyone know where everyone else was in the group it began to motivate everyone not to be “the one that lost it for us… The “team” in a competitive setting is a very effective way to achieve weight loss.”

This group of guys says they spent lunchtimes eating salads together, and were able to fit in a few workouts together as a team. And now that the challenge is over, the team is sticking with it. “We’ve started a competition (lasting an additional six months) among ourselves to stay on track and keep the weight off with the hopes of it becoming a permanent lifestyle change.”

And that’s the way you do it! Congratulations to Well We Tried, Pass the Gravy!

In addition to our overall top teams – we had 5 more teams who claimed the top spot within their respective companies, walking away with another $2,000 each! Those teams are:

16.59% weight loss

Wii Fat
Genesis Energy

Stop Look and Lessen
Conoco Phillips
11.48% weight loss

Mission Slimpossible
American Petroleum Institute (API)
11.11% weight loss

Super Waist Watchers
Geokinetics DNA

This challenge was no joke when it came to winners (and losers – there was so much losing! Did we mention that these companies shed over 20,000 pounds?!) but the one winner we know you’re waiting to hear is: which company is taking home the trophy for the next year?

Your Energy Industry Champions are …

Phillips 66, for the second year in a row!

The Energy Industry Champion is determined by total average weight lost by all participants in the company.

We also had HUGE tie when it came to individual ribbon prize winners! These prizes are awarded to the top 4 individuals (or more, in the case of a tie) achieving the most ribbons who are not already on a winning team. Congratulations to all 17 of our high achievers, taking home $29.41 each!

Jennifer S.
from team Go Lean in 2016
Steven S.
from team Hips-A-Hoy
Tabatha F.
from team Hips-A-Hoy
Dedra N.
from team Don’t Feed the Munchies
Johnny S.
from team Don’t Feed the Munchies
Millen M.
from team Don’t Feed the Munchies
Janice K.
from team Wine & Shine
Leonardo C. from team Fat Guys/Little Coats
Bart A. from team boutahunnerd
Fernando M.
from team The Meat Lovers
Joseph C.
from team The Meat Lovers
Jocelyn C.
from team The Meat Lovers
Jason R.
from team The FaTastic Five
Elissa C.
from team The Meat Lovers
Aaron A.
from team boutahunnerd
Rochelle B.
from team Debrites & Other Mass Wasting
Kacy S.
from team Downsizing

* Ribbon winners will receive an email notification about your prize by Tuesday 5/3 that contains a link to redeem their prize.

Congratulations to all our teams and participants for a spectacular challenge!

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