The Road Less Padded & Exceeding Expectations TIE for $15k!

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

This winner announcement brings you the winners of our April 24th $10,000 Team Challenge! We had a battle to the very end for each of the top slots, and a lot of action on the leaderboards as the final weigh-outs occurred. In the end, only 3 can be named champs! We present to you, the April 24th $10,000 Team Challenge Top 3!

The Fatless Five – 3rd place/$3,000 Winners!

Fatless Five


Percent Weight Lost: 16.00%
Total Pounds Lost: 188 pounds

Two of the Fatless Five are HealthyWage alum, a Mother/Son pair that participated in a Team Challenge back in May of 2014. While they were successful in dropping the pounds, they were less successful in keeping it off.

The two thought long and hard about entering again, knowing the hard work that it would take to succeed, and also knowing that this time they really wanted to keep it off. They decided to go for it, and then set out to recruit a serious group of teammates that were as committed to the weight loss (and the prize) as they were. Mary Sue invited her long-time friend. Friends for 40 years, they’ve been through a lot together, and both are lifetime Weight Watchers Members. She in turn, invited her two sisters to participate, since the three of them have always been battling their weight. With a complete team, the 5 were committed as ever – the ladies intent on losing weight and changing their lifestyle for good and Tom, intent on winning the cash this time around!

Once they got started, they were unstoppable. Mary Sue said, “this just really clicked for us,” the team aspect really added a new dimension – the main focus was not letting the team down, “the team was counting on each other” to succeed. On the whole, they started really focusing on achieving their steps using their Fitbits, and counting calories using the LoseIt app. Mary Sue and her son Tom shared many meals together, and the team got together a few times over the course of the challenge for walking in the park, sharing recipes and meals. Mary Sue even made goodie bags for the team, with 100-calorie snack packs for everyone!

Even though the challenge is over, the team is still at it. Mary Sue and her son are devising their long-term strategy, so they don’t gain the weight back a second time. The sisters have gone on to join the Summer 2015 Jackpot stating that they’re finally mentally ready to lose weight, and they’re not ready to stop!

Overall, the Fatless Five are a happy bunch, and with 3 of the 4 ladies of the group in their 60s, they are proud to be in the top 3 and proud of their success! “We’re on cloud 9 over here, it’s awesome! We were at a family picnic a few weeks ago, and the whole talk was HealthyWage! Look what we did!”

Look at what they did, indeed!

Congratulations to the Fatless Five
, well done!


The Road Less Padded – 1st place tie! /$7,500 Winners!

The Road Less Padded


Percent Weight Lost: 16.59%
Total Pounds Lost: 193 pounds

The Road Less Padded is in many ways, an unprecedented success! Made up of 5 strangers from vastly different parts of the country and united by a single goal, they have definitely beaten the odds and come out on top!

Their story begins with Darchelle W., who started her journey with HealthyWage at the beginning of the year in another Team Challenge and an individual HealthyWager. Though she maxed her weight loss by the end of that Team Challenge, she still felt she had a ways to go, and decided to go for it again.

But a team! She was missing a team! So she turned to the HealthyWager support feed to find 4 other like-minded individuals (when she signed up for her January Team Challenge, she also signed up for an individual HealthyWager challenge – she meant business!). Strangers, if you will – to Darchelle and to each other! But that was not going to stop this determined group of ladies. Each was clear about their intentions, “We all accepted the challenge with the goal to maximize our weight loss and kick us into the next stage of our weight loss journey, and to push to win the BIG MONEY – never knowing that this new team of unknowns would change our lives in so many other ways!”

“The fact that most of us were in our 40’s really helped to bond us. We had enough maturity to know what we wanted to get out of the challenge and enough life experience to be able to really give back to each other. There was instant trust, which is nothing short of miraculous for 5 strangers and women”

Their intentions were all highly focused first on weight loss, followed by reversing health concerns and then of course, the money. “We all needed the distraction and incentive of a good/fun competition with a big prize!” Constant communication is what kept this team on track and moving forward toward that prize, communicating nearly every day, sometimes many times a day. They were also motivated by each other, not wanting to let their teammates down, and by their own success week over week as they shed the weight!

And when times got tough during the challenge, these ladies were more united than ever. “Before the challenge started, we each committed to the team to offer and receive input to/from other teammates and to stay in regular communication. Our team focused on prevention of slipping up rather than trying to ‘rectify’ a slip-up. We anticipated what might happen to ‘detour’ us, and addressed it often before it had a chance to happen.”

The Road Less Padded lost a combined total of over 190 pounds (!), and they’re not done yet, not with weight loss and not with each other! Four of the five teammates are still working on their personal HealthyWagers, and all five (plus 2 new teammates) are back at it in the Summer 2015 “Run a 5k” Jackpot, and looking for a 5k to run together at the end. “The competition is fun, but having a team to share our trials and triumphs with made all the difference in succeeding.”

Clearly it did!

Congratulations team The Road Less Padded! You did it!


Exceeding Expectations – 1st place tie! /$7,500 Winners!

Exceeding Expectations


Percent Weight Lost: 16.59%
Total Pounds Lost: 224 pounds

Kelly B. was looking for a way to get back on track with her weight loss when she came across HealthyWage. She thought the idea of winning $10,000 might motivate her to get back to a healthier lifestyle down the road, so she recruited her brother, mother, husband and uncle to join her!

The team used the $10,000 “carrot” as their motivation to get started and not veer off track. At the start of the challenge, they also agreed as a team to completely commit to the process, so the added accountability of not wanting to let other team members down helped as well!

Their commitment has paid off – having lost a whopping 224 pounds (Combined, that’s an average of almost 45lbs each!), they are on a healthier road for the better. Captain Kelly M. and her Mom have both continued to lose since the challenge has ended. As family, they will continue to support one another in their new lifestyles, and Kelly says, “my entire family has a different mindset about family get-togethers, and no longer have to surround our evenings with food.”

It sounds like this team set some high expectations for themselves and definitely went above and beyond! Congratulations team Exceeding Expectations!

Ribbon Prizes

We also had a four winners when it came to individual ribbon prize winners! These prizes are awarded to the top 4 (or more in the case of a tie) individuals achieving the most ribbons who are not already on a winning team. Congratulations to all our high achievers below, taking home $125 each!*

Ora S.
from team Bayou Fit & Fine (Team B.F.F)
Terrae S.
from team Bayou Fit & Fine (Team B.F.F)
Janet J.
from team The Transformers
Kailehia B.
from team Taking Care of Binnsnes

* Ribbon winners will receive an email notification about your prize by Tuesday 8/4 that contains a link to redeem.

Congratulations to all our teams and participants for a spectacular challenge!

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