Go Slim & Team Kiss My Grits Duke It Out for the Top Prize. Tie!

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

The long awaited results of the May 22nd $10,000 Team Challenge are in! It was a close battle to the finish between our top three teams, and in the end it came down to ribbons. Our top three teams alone lost over 600 pounds and achieved the maximum allowed weight loss for the challenge – woah! In the end, two teams were still tied by ribbons, so without further adieu, here are your May 22nd Top 3!

Los Rebajadores!!! Columbianos!!! 🙂 – 3rd place/$3,000 Winners!

Los Rebajadores


Percent Weight Lost: 16.59%
Total Pounds Lost: 187 pounds

Los Rebajodores translates to “the lowering” according to Google Translate, and lower these 5 co-workers from Halliburton in Columbia got when they signed up for the HealthyWage Team Challenge! Blood tests revealed that it was time for a bit of a lifestyle change, and this challenge came along at just the right time for that.

Once the team got started, it was looking and feeling better that helped keep them going! To see each of their teammates working so hard toward their individual goals, helped keep this group on track even more, not wanting to let one another down. Even more, as they progressed and they saw they were in the running for a big prize, they pushed on even harder!

The team saw each other regularly at work, sharing lunches and chatting about progress, as well as in their soccer league where they played soccer together regularly. To increase the challenge a bit, each week whoever did not achieve their weight loss goals had to pay the soccer dues for the others, and do extra pushups! “The best incentive for the team was realizing all the effort we put in and every day that united us more as a team!”

“We all realized that life is healthier when you have a recommended weight,” they said. Today they continue to support one another with the good eating habits they learned through the competition, and trying to spread their healthy habits by example.

Great job, Los Rebajodores Columbianos!!! 🙂


Kiss My Grits – 1st place tie! /$7,500 Winners!

Kiss My Grits

Percent Weight Lost: 16.59%
Total Pounds Lost: 175 pounds

“When you put together a team that is this close, there is only success in the future,” they said. Team Kiss My Grits call themselves the perfect team because they are a team of friends, family and co-workers, and about as close as they can get.

Together they were each looking to make a change in their lifestyle and decided that to be able to do it as a team would give them that support to keep moving forward, even when times got tough. They were definitely looking for the weight loss, but highly motivated for the goal of winning the big prize, especially with a newlywed couple on their team.

Whether it was for a workout, just hanging out, sharing meals together or for their once weekly team meeting, this team saw each other often. And while they were always supportive of one another, their competitive side came through in the wager they all made with each other at the start of the challenge: if someone was not to make their goal, they would have to repay the others their entry fee! Serious business! Luckily – that won’t be the case…

Team Kiss My Grits tied for first place, losing a tremendous 175 pounds and maxing out at the 16.6% allowed weight loss! Every team member must do their part for that to happen! They are also committed to helping each other stay on track. They continue to send one another their daily weight updates, work out together, and plan healthy meals together. They’re in it for the long haul!

The team challenge “is a great way for you to get started working for a healthier life and to be able to do with a team that will support you along the journey…you can’t help but want to work towards the golden ticket at the end!”

Congratulations team Kiss My Grits! You did it!


Go Slim – 1st place tie! /$7,500 Winners!

Go Slim


Percent Weight Lost: 16.59%
Total Pounds Lost: 239 pounds / 108.5kg

This Halliburton team from Brazil, made up of 3 co-workers, a friend and one family member, were all in need of a lifestyle change, but struggling to make it happen. With a history of trying and failing, when the $10,000 Team Challenge came along they decided to make a go of it together.

Initially their focus was on the weight-loss, but early on in the competition their competitive nature kicked in and they were striving for the top!

To take advantage of their competitive nature, this team upped the accountability factor and created a Facebook page called the Go Slim Project and invited their family, friends and coworkers to help support their journey throughout the challenge! Here they posted a weekly update to their follows about their progress, as well as photos of their exercise sessions and meals! In the final weeks of the challenge, they even had placed small bets on who would be the first to achieve the 16.6% max weight loss.

As a wrap-up for their challenge, the team and four other co-workers entered a running race and asked their manager at Halliburton for a sponsorship. To their surprise, more than 100 of their coworkers, family and friends came out to show their support and wrap up the challenge for the group on August 15th!

Team Go Slim definitely took the concept of team support to the next level and it clearly paid off – it paid off in the combined 239 pounds they lost as a team, and in the $1500 each will take home for their hard work, and in the long run with all of the accountability and support networking they’ve built around them!

It sounds like this team set some high expectations for themselves and definitely went above and beyond! Congratulations team Go Slim!!

Ribbon Prizes

We also had seven winners when it came to individual ribbon prize winners! These prizes are awarded to the top 4 (or more in the case of a tie) individuals achieving the most ribbons who are not already on a winning team. Congratulations to all our high achievers below, taking home $71.42 each!*

Cody R.
from team The False Dragons
Iron H.
from team Wii Not Fit
James H.
from team The Muffin Top
Tschara R.
from team The False Dragons
Pamela H.
from team Bet On Us
Peter W.
from team The False Dragons
Cynthia W.
from team Jelly Belly Busters

* Ribbon winners will receive an email notification about your prize by Tuesday 9/2 that contains a link to redeem.

Congratulations to all our teams and participants for a spectacular challenge!

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