2015 Energy Industry Challenge Winner Announcement

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

Six energy companies went head to head in the $10,000 Energy Industry Challenge that began January 22nd. Conoco Phillips, Phillips66, Direct Energy, TechNip, McDermott and Continental Resources all battled it out for the industry weight loss title. While only one team from one company could be declared the champs, everyone came out ahead after shedding an incredible 7,614 pounds – an average of over 10 pounds per participant! This might be the ONLY time energy companies would celebrate expending excess energy (in calories!)!

The head to head company standings with overall weight loss finally shook out like this, with Phillips 66 leading the pack with a whopping 6.19% average overall weight loss between all of their participants!

Cash prizes are also being awarded to the first place team at each company, and we’re handing out over $6,000 in cash to a random selection of participants who lost at least 6% of their starting bodyweight! All told, HealthyWage is giving away more than $25,000 in cash awards for the Energy Industry Challenge!

The first place teams at each company are:

The McD Champs!
Average Weight Loss: 8.3%
Company: McDermott

Thunders Pizza!
Average Weight Loss: 11.4%
Company: Continental Resources

The Flab Fighting Fitbitters!
Average Weight Loss: 11.7%
Company: Technip

JP and the Electrolights!
Average Weight Loss: 12.04%
Company: Direct Energy

The Limitation Game!
Average Weight Loss: 14.5%
Company: Conoco Phillips

And the $10,000 winners of the 2015 Energy Industry Challenge are…

The Truffle Shuffles

The Truffle Shuffles
With a 16.5% average weight loss (nearly 240 pounds combined!), this team pushed it to the max and helped bring home the trophy for Phillips 66!

Stephen P., Scott H, Jared B, Aaron C, and Brian M are all coworkers, working for Phillips 66 Hartford Lubricants division. When the opportunity for the competition came knocking, this group of guys all felt it was their time to make a change. They worked hard to find a group that were all motivated to look and feel better, and their natural competitive drive kicked into gear big time once the challenge started. When asked about their motivation, Jared B. explained, “The money was definitely a huge incentive for us, but at the same time so was our overall health. The best motivation is seeing and feeling results.”

Since the guys all work together, they did enjoy a few meals together throughout the week, and saw each other frequently enough it was easy for them to stay in touch about their progress. No one wanted to be the one to let the team down, so that plus some light-hearted razzing seemed to keep everyone on track throughout the competition. “You have to keep it fun and have a good sense of humor.” We totally agree!

When we asked what they enjoyed most about the challenge, Jared B answered from the heart:

“Once you’re motivated and invest yourself in a healthier lifestyle, it’s amazing how much time you actually have to exercise. You just have to make it a priority. Three months ago, we were all very unehatlhy with our eating habits and not exercising nearly enough. Now, we have lost almost 240 pounds combined and feel great!”

Congratulations to The Truffle Shuffles Team, and congratulations to Phillips 66 for bringing home the win!

   The Truffle Shuffles

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