The ChiDaddy’s, The Weigh Team and Others Battle For the Top Prize!

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

The battle for the top spot never ends, and these teams fought to the finish for their claim to the prize and the bragging rights! Below you’ll find all five teams that came out at the top for the January 29, 2016 $10,000 Team Challenge! Because of the tie, the $18,000 in top team prizes has been pooled together, and all 5 top teams will each be taking home $3,600!

ChiDaddy’s – First Place (tie)


Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%

This team of co-workers from CSX, led in the challenge and at work by Team Captain John, decided this was the motivation they needed to get started and get healthier. They were in it to win it from the start – the team was put together with winning in mind and even chatted with last years champs for some pointers! But as the challenge went on , it turned into more than that.

When we asked John about being team captain AND supervisor, he said, “This was no boss/subordinate type thing – everyone worked together to support one another. The benefit was not only in changing our health and lifestyle, but also in giving us a new and greater level of camaraderie within the workgroup. It was strong to start, but this gave us something outside of work to talk about.”

As the challenge progressed, the benefits they were seeing from the weight loss started to out weigh (get it? 🙂 the necessity to win, but of course, they never let up. And why would they? They had support from their Health and Wellness coordinators – setting up individualized exercise and nutrition plans, and they provided each other with support, tips and tricks while on the road for work! And because Captain John was also the boss man, there was a running joke around the office – everyone took note that the menu for company meetings had changed during the 12 weeks of the challenge.

In the end, the ChiDaddy’s got it all – the money, the weight loss, and their health! “I can’t believe how much better I feel today than I did 12 weeks ago! It’s hard to believe how bad you feel until you start feeling better. And on the social side, we really just had fun with supporting each other.”

Congratulations to The ChiDaddy’s!


The Ten Grand Band – First Place (tie)


Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%

“Our team consists of CSX managers from the Jacksonville Headquarters. We had several individuals who have been looking for the motivation to get back in shape. All of us have a competitive spirit but value camaraderie as well. This was a way to push each other to accomplish a mutual goal and represent the team spirit behind CSX.”

From the start, the team worked as a team. They shared meal plans, mobile apps and workout routines. They established a daily meeting and workouts in the Health and Wellness Center, and engaged their health and wellness coordinators at the center to help them achieve their goals and gain additional support.

“Our team created a fun game for when we were at home and the television was on. Based upon a show, a challenge word was chosen. Whenever that word was said, the team member would have to get up and perform some physical activity. This was fun, a little annoying :), but help us keep moving through the challenge.”

And while it was a lot of fun, it wasn’t fun ALL the time – there is hard work involved in too! “There were moments when each of us seemed to plateau or hit challenges along the way. One of the ways we pushed each other through was fun and brutally honest. For about a 3-week period towards the end of the competition, we required each team member to text a photo of what they were about to eat to the group. It helped to ward off temptation as well as provide ideas for each of us for healthier alternatives to inevitable cravings.”

“Our team enjoyed the competitive nature of the challenge as well as the financial potential for success. It was a great way to challenge each other to achieve was is typically very difficult by yourself.”

Way to go team! The Ten Grand Band proves teamwork and accountability is where it’s at!


Future Former Fatties – First Place (tie)

Future Former Fatties

Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%

“We’re all friends that went to the same high school and have had one too many beers over the years. It was time to reduce that waste line.” Well that about says it all, but the Future Former Fatties were also planning to be a little richer in their future, right from the start! “We were all looking for a healthier lifestyle, but the money was the driver.”

The team kicked it off old school, getting together the night before the competition for some last minute beers, then after that they were bandwagon drivers. They kept in touch with group text and offered each other tips, celebrated milestones and just generally helped motivate one another.

When we asked what happened if someone started to fall off track, Team Captain Matt said, “I don’t think I can say that on here.” Hah! Whatever works my friend…whatever works!

And work it did! Not only is this team coming home with the cash, but they’re also down a collective 313 pounds – an average of over 62lbs each!

It all came together perfectly, as the Former Future Fatties is one of our top teams, achieving not only tremendous weight loss success, but also achieving their goal of coming out on top! Congrats, team!

Huntington Husky Railroaders HHR – 1st Place (tie)

Huntington Husky Railroaders

Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%

The motivation? Straight up bragging rights. “Some guys are our shop won the contest last year and we wanted to keep the money in Huntington.” Love it!

These 5 co-workers said it was all about the money to start, but one they started seeing the results and feeling better, the focus shifted a bit and staying on track was the name of the game. “We all work 3rd shift…you couldn’t stray too far from your diet without someone in the shop telling one of us about it.”

Besides seeing each other at work every night, very morning after their shift, the Huntington Husky Railroaders got together for workouts, five days a week! That’s commitment!

“We all became a lot closer friends because of this challenge. We are competitive so it was fun trying to lose more than the next guy, and this was an easy way to keep motivated to lose some weight and get healthy!”

All that determination and motivation paid off – these guys are at the top and down 251 pounds! Congrats to The Huntington Husky Railroaders!

The Weigh Team – 1st Place (tie)

Percent Weight Loss:

The Weigh Team certainly resembles the “A-Team” in many ways – but this team didn’t come together quite so easily! They started out as strangers, and came together as like-minded weight loss warriors, each committed to changing their health for the better.

“We each had our own individual motivating factors, ranging from serious health scares to becoming more fit and active…Our primary resounding theme throughout the challenge was encouragement of healthy eating and exercise.  The prize money was certainly a dangling carrot that helped keep some of us old horses moving along though. And not so much for individual gain, but out of respect for the investment made by our teammates.”

Because they were from all over the country, getting together was not an option. That didn’t stop this team, they stayed in touch with one another through the Team Huddle on their dashboard. And when times got tough, they were there for one another. “There was never a period of time that each team mate was not giving their all.  However, we each did go through plateaus and periods of stall. This would typically play out on the forum posting with a vent of frustration by the affected teammate, and the other teammates quick to offer words of encouragement and support, or tips and experience in the matter.”

These teammates have experienced and helped each other through something amazing together, and intend on continuing to support one another in their respective goals. Team captain Christie B. said, “In talking with another teammate, it has been expressed that this has been a life changing experience. I certainly would have to agree with that sentiment. That because of the cohesiveness of the team, we had gone farther than any other prior attempt independently, and that our performance both personally, and as a team, far exceeded any initial expectations and gave us the motivation to know that we CAN meet our own personal goals no matter how far reaching it seems….A couple of us have emailed each other since the wrap of the challenge, and a couple of the team mates have joined together again in another HW (jackpot) challenge.”

We love this kind of story at HealthyWage, it shows that it can be done despite challenging odds when a team comes together! And, we couldn’t say any of this better, so we offer instead our congratulations to the Weigh Team!


We also had HUGE tie when it came to individual ribbon prize winners! This prize is awarded to the top 4 individuals (or more in the case of a tie) achieving the most ribbons who are not already on a winning team. Congratulations to all our high achievers, taking home $37 each! You can find the list of all 38 winners here.

Congratulations to all our teams and participants for a spectacular challenge!

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