Slim It To Win It Schools the Competition!

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

The School’s Out For Skinny Challenge brought together school districts from across the country for the chance to school each other in the ways of healthy living! Only one team could come out on top, but everyone gets another chance to take on the champs in the Back to School Slim Down Challenge starting Friday, September 22, 2017!

For now, your school champs are…

Slim It To Win It – Team Challenge Champions & $10,000 Winners

HealthyWage Aftermath

Percent Weight Loss: 16.58%
School District: Palm Beach County

Three returning teammates plus two rookies made this team a huge success. Three teammates returned to the $10,000 Team Challenge after placing 7th their first time – they thought if they just worked a bit harder and had the right teammates, they’d have a shot! Clearly they found the right recipe for success!

These teammates, made up of co-workers, family and friends, really came together with accountability and teamwork to lose the weight and feel great again. “Being that we were all counting on each other, the accountability factor was huge. We all knew that if we didn’t try our best, we would let our team down. Also, when you start seeing the scale drop the weight…Whooo Whooo…it sure is motivating to keep going!

Weight loss was the primary focus, especially for the 3 returning teammates, but as it so often does – the money was part of the motivation for everyone. “We all had a plan on how we would spend that money if we won…a new purse, an engagement ring (editor’s note: Say it with us, “Awwww! Congrats! Send pix!”), a down payment, new furniture…the focus was a draw between weight loss and prize money.”

The team was able to get together often, work out together on occasion, share recipes and even meals together. When they couldn’t, team captain Katie L. would send motivational text messages and goal reminders. She said, “Giving little pep talks was my favorite.”

“We loved how the challenge was like playing a game.  Every week it was a race to see what place we were in and how much everyone lost in the week.  We were forever counting other team’s ribbons and checking to make sure our whole team weighed in.  The challenge created such a huge accountability factor.  It was actually fun and exciting.  And we all lost so much weight while doing it!”

Woot! Weight loss + friends + cash prizes = what HealthyWage is all about! Congratulations to Team Slim It To Win It!


In addition to our overall top teams – we had 5 more teams who claimed the top spot within their respective school districts, walking away with another $1,500 each! Those teams are:

Motivated Marshmallows
Comal ISD
14.15% weight loss



The Jiggle Butts
Keller ISD



Dallas ISD
11.12% weight loss



2 Fit and 2 Legit to Quit
Fort Bend ISD
11.11% weight loss

Recently Updated4


Weapons of Mass Reduction
Seattle Public Schools


We also had tie when it came to individual ribbon prize winners! These prizes are awarded to the top 4 individuals (or more, in the case of a tie) achieving the most ribbons who are not already on a winning team. Congratulations to all 4 of our high achievers, taking home $125 each!

Wanda M.
from team Carb Jedis
Angelica T.
from team Thelma Richards
Beverly F.
from team Hazel Wolf Wolves #1
Dorothy M.
from team Carb Jedis

* Ribbon winners will receive an email notification about your prize by Tuesday 5/10 that contains a link to redeem their prize.

Congratulations to all our teams and participants for a spectacular challenge!

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