SouthWest Florida Gets Lean & Bustin’ Guts Takes Home the Green

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

In early January, the cities of Southwest Florida took part in the Southwest Florida $10,000 Team Challenge! Government officials, police and fire departments, schools and health care professionals from across the area came together to lose weight and for their shot at winning $10,000 for doing it! Here are the winners!

Doughboyz – 3rd Place ($3,000 winners)


Percent Weight Loss: 13.99%

This team was a group of co-workers from the Fort Myers Police Department. By their account, they all needed to lose a few pounds, and the incentive to finally start working toward that goal was the cash prize the challenge offered! The chance to win a few bucks is a powerful motivator!

Despite being co-workers, the nature of their work made it difficult for them to get together often, but they did set up a group text so they were able to stay in touch with one another and goad one another into action! “We used harsh and negative reinforcement for those individuals that began to slip or fall off, so making fun of them was the primary objective!” To each their own – as their approach clearly paid off! Between actually losing the weight, and their competitive side keeping tabs on the other teams in the challenge – they found the motivation to keep moving toward their goal! Losing nearly 14% of their starting weight, the team is definitely feeling lighter, healthier, and just a little bit richer!

“We will recommend this challenge to her friends, family and colleagues. In the past some of us have the opportunity to participate in other weight-loss challenges this hands-down was the best organized competition we participated in. There was many positive elements within this challenge, from the ease of weighing in/out, to the outstanding dashboard that allowed us to monitor out team as well as other teams results.”

Congratulations to the Doughboyz!


Heavy Hitters – 2nd Place ($5,000 winners)

Percent Weight Loss:

All co-workers from Lee County School District, this team started out totally focused on coming home with the cash! “All of our focus started out on the money.  The idea of 10K dollars is pretty cool!” (We agree, for the record!) But at a certain point, their focus shifted, “We were close to the top for most of the competition and at some point our motivation changed from monetary to pride. Pride in our team and pride in ourselves for losing weight and keeping up with the biggest losers in the competition. “

With the support of one another, they kept each other motivated – sharing what was working and what wasn’t, helping each other through tough times, and sharing funny pictures, motivation speeches, videos and other diet ideas. “But what really what worked best was just being supportive and offering new ideas.” Accountability and teamwork play a huge role in the success of so many of our teams, and this one was no different. Teammate Mark P. who was at first an unwilling recruit said, “The idea that I didn’t want to let my team down….there was one week that I gained weight. I felt terrible and I could see that they were not pleased. Hahah. That day I decided to take the competition seriously and the next week I lost 7 pounds.”

When we asked what they enjoyed most about the challenge, “It was well run and a lot of fun.  It fostered a great team environment, the mini-challenges were engaging, and it was a great way to track our weight loss. It was exciting to weigh in and see our new percentages and then to see where our team was in the standings.  Every time I talked to a friend or family member they wanted to know where we were in the standings, how our team was doing and how I was doing in the competition.  It was motivating to see the results and then be able to talk about them! :)”

We’re so glad you enjoyed it, and that you’re feeling so proud of your accomplishment! Well earned, congrats to the Heavy Hitters!


Bustin’ Guts – 1st Place ($10,000 winners)

final group pic

Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%

It seems there was a little rivalry that we weren’t privy to until the results were in, but as it turns out this competitive team made up of co-workers from the Fort Myers Fire Department (“but at FMFD we call each other friends and family”) was not only in it to win it for the weight loss and the cash, but also the bragging rights! “At first it was weight loss, but as a group we decided to make it about getting #1! Beating the other teams in the city for bragging rights was a good motivator, especially those donut police…” Uh-oh…do we hear a rematch coming on?!

Their competitive spirit and hard work brought them exactly what they were looking for! Taking a similar approach to their FMPD brothers, slipping or falling off track was grounds for “‘Code Red’ … let’s just say we policed each other, and we kept track of how others were doing on the website as well as for motivation.” They were able to keep up with each other using the website’s “Team Huddle” as well as group texts, and occasionally they were even able to work in workouts together.

It’s clear the team competitive spirit, brotherhood and camaraderie worked for this team – where teamwork is already an important part of their daily life. They plan to continue to help one another achieve their goals while they continue to try to lose more weight, and they were excited to share that FMFD even has another team competing in the April 1st Team Challenge that started the same day their challenge ended!

As for the most rewarding part of the challenge, “Winning while losing weight!” sums it up rather well! Congrats, to our top team, Bustin’ Guts!

We also had HUGE tie when it came to individual ribbon prize winners! These prizes are awarded to the top 4 individuals (or more, in the case of a tie) achieving the most ribbons who are not already on a winning team. Congratulations to all 14 of our high achievers, taking home $35.71 each!

Aslin G.
from team Downsizing at Diplomat
Darlene M.
from team Mission: Slimpossible
Deborah N.
from team Cupcakes Anonymous
Elsa O.
from team Downsizing at Diplomat
Shari F.
from team Happy Losers
Donna L.
from team Happy Losers
Jessica D.
from team Exceptional Losers
Leslie H.
from team Roll Harn
Kristen T.
from team Downsizing at Diplomat
Lakiesha W.
from team Skinny Lattes
Alma J. from team Wellness Warriors
Shellie H. from team Wellness Warriors
Theresa B.
from team Exceptional Losers
Veronica H.
from team THIN IT TO WIN IT

* Ribbon winners will receive an email notification about your prize by Tuesday 4/19 that contains a link to redeem.

Congratulations to all our teams and participants for a spectacular challenge!

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