Our January Competition is Fierce! Five Way Tie!

Keep in mind that challenges are great tools and a lot of fun, but it takes work to lose weight. Individual results vary.

Our January challenges are full of fierce competition and 2016 did not disappoint! Below you’ll find all five teams that came out at the top for the January 8, 2016 $10,000 Team Challenge! Because of the tie, the $18,000 in top team prizes has been pooled together, and all 5 top teams will each be taking home $3,600!

#MakeItBetter – First Place (tie)

MakeItBetter After

Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%

“Our family has always struggled with weight. It seems like each year it is the same conversations about how we are going to get this weight off in the New Year. This year, we wanted to do something big that could get us down to our goal weights once and for all and allow us to finally quit dieting and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the end.” And with that, they found HealthyWage and gave it a go!

As a family, they say they have seen the struggles and experienced loss related to unhealthy lifestyles, so their main motivation was getting healthier, but they were focused by the idea of the payout at the end. They chose the team name #MakeItBetter in honor of one family member’s father who unexpectedly passed from complications due to being overweight. Together they felt stronger than any individual alone, “It is one thing to give up on yourself, but knowing that 4 of our other family members were continuing to work hard was the other motivator we needed to succeed in the end.”

This close team also lived close by to one another, so they were together often for healthy meals, walks, and support. They’ve vowed to help and support one another to sustain their healthier habits and maintain their weight loss.

“The feeling of each of us reaching our goals at the end was a great feeling. It wasn’t easy, and losing weight for our family never has been, so for us to set out on this journey and actually accomplish it together was very rewarding.” And now just a little bit more rewarding – with some extra cash for your hard work!

Congratulations to Team #MakeItBetter!


Fat Five – First Place (tie)

Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%

This group of friends and family all really wanted to lose weight and make permanent, healthier lifestyle choices. As a group, they agreed to each aim to lose at least 10% of their starting weight, and when they started, the Fat Five’s focus was mainly focused on their weight loss. The longer they stayed on track, encouraged one another to eat smarter and exercise, the saw their focus shift toward “going the distance,” and winning!

Being from different locations, they didn’t have the opportunity to get together with one another. They team stayed connected by text messaging – providing daily support for staying on track, getting back on track and staying strong through the challenges of weight loss plateaus and travel.

“Our team enjoyed taking control of our bodies and our health. We really enjoyed getting fit and healthy. We also liked the weight loss challenge because you had to be responsible to a team.”

It seems that responsibility and drive to “go the distance” truly paid off – Congrats to the Fat Five!


Gelatin Empire – First Place (tie)

After Team Photo

Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%

This team of co-workers and friends, all former athletes, were super competitive from the start of the challenge! Their goal was to win from day one, but their motivations were to look and feel better regardless! “Football season and the holidays can be very damaging; which at least for some of us, one look in the mirror was motivation in and of itself. The monetary incentive certainly doesn’t hurt either. I mean, what could be better than getting paid to get in shape?”

Don’t we know it!

The team captain took his role seriously, and challenged the team to keep up with him each week. They stayed connected through email and text, and routinely got together to work out with one another. They were serious, forgoing all meals out during the 12 weeks, and preparing their meals in advance every week. The team even had a side bet going, that if one teammate didn’t achieve the max weight loss, his penalty would be taking the team out for dinner and drinks after the challenge. Good thing for everyone that they all maxed out!

It all came together perfectly, as Gelatin Empire is one of our top teams, achieving not only tremendous weight loss success, but also achieving their goal of coming out on top! Congrats, team!

FattyMcButterPants – 1st Place (tie)

Percent Weight Loss: 16.59%
This team holds nothing back – when asked what motivated them to get started with the challenge, their reply was short and sweet, “Cash!” All co-workers, this team was put together for the purpose of winning the challenge and the cash at the end. But it turns out the cash wasn’t the ONLY thing that kept them going, “not letting the team down” also played a big role! It might be easier to walk away from that cash if it’s just you, but walking away from it and losing it for others – that’s a different story!”

Team FattyMcButterPants wasn’t able to get together very often due to their work and other schedules, but they stayed in touch through Google Hangouts and kept one another in check throughout the challenge. They also set up a little side bet among themselves to help keep that daily motivation high!

All that determination and motivation paid off – these guys are at the top! Congrats to FattyMcButterPants!

Lee County Weight Loss All-Stars – 1st Place (tie)

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Percent Weight Loss:

The Lee County Weight Loss All-Stars certainly earned their name! This team of friends and friends of friends came together to get fit and lose excess weight gained during the 2015 Holiday season! They were motivated to stay on track week to week, always wanting to show a loss for their fellow teammates! They were double-y motivated by the desire to lose the weight, and knowing that just doing that would put them in contention for the top prize! They were right!

They stayed in touch throughout the challenge by text messaging, and regularly shared positive encouragement with one another. They were not able to get together as a full team, but from time to time these friends were able to get together two or three at a time.

They’re all committed to helping one another maintain their weight loss. Their favorite part of the challenge? “Getting back active and enjoying the weight loss each week. Seeing the scale move was a great incentive!”

Congratulations to the Lee County Weight Loss All-Stars!


We also had HUGE tie when it came to individual ribbon prize winners! This prize is awarded to the top 4 individuals (or more in the case of a tie) achieving the most ribbons who are not already on a winning team. Congratulations to all our high achievers, taking home $50 each! You can find the list of all 52 winners here.

Congratulations to all our teams and participants for a spectacular challenge!

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