Weight Watchers Fitness Challenge Rules

(v. 5-7-2019)

The Weight Watchers Fitness Challenge is administered by a separate party, HealthyWage.

These rules are included in the Services Agreement, to which all participants must agree in order to register and participate in the challenge.

Sign up on the HealthyWage website

It only takes a few minutes to register.

You don’t need to be a Weight Watchers member to join the Weight Watchers Fitness Challenge.

Great Cash Prizes for Teams that Reach Their Step Goal

Every team that achieves the goal of increasing their daily step count by 20% at the end of the Challenge wins! The cash prize, which is the money collected from participants at the start of the Fitness Challenge (less 25% administration fee and any uncollected fee installments), will be split evenly among all members of winning teams.

"No-Lose" Guarantee

If more than 75% of participating teams are successful, HealthyWage guarantees all successful participants will receive at least their entry fee back.


Teams are required. For details about team formation or for assistance with completing your team, please see the Weight Watchers Fitness Challenge FAQs.

Track Your Steps

You can track your steps automatically (with certain smartphone apps and tracking devices). See "How do I track my steps?" in our FAQs.

Challenge Success Indicators

The green, yellow and red challenge success indicators are meant to be used as a guide. The indicators are an estimate of progress toward your personal challenge step goal. No success indicators are final until the challenge has ended and results have been calculated.


The team members of each winning team will receive a payment for an equal share of the cash prize, split among all members of winning teams.


Unless otherwise stated, the Weight Watchers Fitness Challenge is available only to healthy people in the United States. Void where prohibited. All participants should have prior doctor's approval before starting any fitness program. You are not allowed to participate if: you are pregnant, under the age of 18, have any medical conditions that prevent you from walking or being active, have a doctor's recommendation not to exercise or any disability preventing you from physical activity.


Part of our job is to prevent you from giving up, so you can't quit -- there are absolutely no cancellations or refunds. HealthyWage will suspend your challenge if you are pregnant.