Weight Watchers Weight Loss Challenge Rules

(v. 7-29-2015)

The Weight Watchers Weight Loss Challenge is administered by a separate party, HealthyWage.

These rules are incorporated into and incorporate the Services Agreement, to which all participants must agree in order to register and participate.

Sign up on the HealthyWage website

It only takes a few minutes to register and start having fun getting in shape and losing weight!

You don’t need to be a Weight Watchers member to join the Weight Watchers Weight Loss challenge. But you will get special benefits for being a member. You’ll get extra help to reach your weight-loss goals, plus 24/7 expert chat support and access to digital tools. Additional content and tips for healthy living, thousands of delicious recipes, and more, are also included in your Weight Watchers membership. Plus, your company is covering some of the cost for Weight Watchers members. Sign-up for Weight Watchers any time during the challenge to unlock challenge features that non-members will not get!

Great cash prizes for all teams that reach 6%

Each team that reaches or exceeds a 6% average weight loss in their verified weigh-out at the end of the Weight Watchers Weight Loss Challenge wins a cash prize! The jackpot prize, which is the money collected at the start of the Challenge from participants (less 25% administration fees and any uncollected fee installments i.e. if a participant fails to pay a portion of their registration fee), will be split evenly among all members of winning teams.

Get your weight verified twice

All participants are required to get their weight verified by uploading a photo of their Weight Watchers Tracker or by making a 30-second video from the privacy of your home. You will need to do this only two times:

- Once, on or within 3 weeks after the Start Date, and

- Once again within two weeks before or on the End Date.

Read more about how to have your weight verified.

Weigh-in unofficially once a week

To keep you on track and to be sure everyone knows where they stand, we ask you to weigh yourself once a week. You can step on your own scale and then enter it on the HealthyWage website. (You’ll see a green 'add weight' button on your page when you sign in to the site).

These weekly weigh-ins do not need to be verified. But, since the other participants need to know where they stand in the challenge, it's important for everyone to keep up with weigh-ins. Remember, no one but you will see your individual weight. The website will calculate and reflect only your team’s total weight.

Throughout the challenge, participants can collect Ribbons. One way to collect Ribbons is by verifying your weigh-in every week. Other ways to collect ribbons is by being a Weight Watchers member or by completing individual mini-challenges (there are six in all).

Calculating a team's average percentage weight lost

Prizes are awarded based on team mean proportionate weight loss. Team mean proportionate weight loss is the average of each team member’s proportionate weight loss, which is measured by finding the difference between a participant’s verified starting weight and verified ending weight, and dividing that difference by the participant’s verified starting weight. Each individual's average is added together and the total is divided by the number of teammates to achieve the team mean proportionate weight loss. When we tabulate the results, we do not count weight loss beyond 16.59% for any team member. If someone on your team doesn't get a weigh-out, it’s not a problem. However their weight loss will count as 0% for purposes of computing your team's average weight loss.

Weight loss beyond 16.59% doesn't count

Yes, you can lose more than 16.59% (you will NOT be disqualified), but the extra weight loss won’t count toward your team’s average.  The goal is to get your entire team to lose a healthy amount of weight in the time frame of the Challenge!

Your cash winnings

Each team member of each winning team will receive a check for an equal share of the jackpot, split among all members of winning teams.


Unless otherwise stated, the Weight Watchers Weight Loss Challenge is available only to healthy people in the United States. Void where prohibited.  Participants must be over the age of 18 and healthy. (Pregnant women cannot participate.)


Verified Weigh-in Instructions

These are the verified weigh-in rules; these do not apply to the unofficial weigh-ins that you enter on the website.

You must get your weight verified twice for each challenge, once at the beginning (verified weigh-in) and once at the end (verified weigh-out). We will alert you by email and on your challenge dashboard when your weigh-in and weigh-out periods are opening and closing.

Getting your weight verified is easy. You have two easy options for your weight verification - choose just one:

Option 1 - Upload a photo of your Weight Watchers Tracker
Option 2 - Video Verification (by yourself of with a partner)

Also, we've tried to answer all your questions in our Verified Weigh-in FAQ!

Option one: Verification at a Weight Watchers Meeting

Simply scan or take a photo of your Weight Watchers tracker (the weigh-in portion showing your weight) after your normal weigh-ins. If you're using this method, you do not need to use our VerifyMe! Form.

Option two:  Video Verification

We recommend video verification for everyone, it's super easy, and you can do it in the comfort and privacy of your own home! Plus, we've got directions that will help you do it with a partner (fun!) or even to do it by yourself. Once done, just upload it to your challenge dashboard and you're done. You can use your phone or a camera, whichever is easier for you. The HealthyWage website is mobile friendly, so uploading from your phone can be done quickly and easily!

         1. Film your short video (either yourself, or with a partner recording you)
  2. Log in to HealthyWage and upload the file through your dashboard
  3. You're done!

Here's an instructional video to show you just how easy this method can be!

See the complete list of required video shots below, for detailed instructions on this and a demo of the self-video method.


Verified Weigh-in FAQ

Who will see my weigh-in?

Whichever method you choose to weigh-in, your verified weight information will be kept entirely private, and only be viewed by HealthyWage staff. Weight is never shared publicly; your weight is confidential and will not be shared with Weight Watchers or your employer. Only percentages are displayed on your profile, to your teammate or shared with your employer.

When can I get my weigh-in?

You may get your weight verified for the start of your challenge beginning on the first day of your challenge, not before (unless otherwise specified). You have three weeks from the start of your challenge to submit your initial weight verification.

At the end of the challenge, you may have your weight verified beginning two weeks prior to the end of the challenge up to and including the final day. Final weights verified outside of this window will not be accepted.

What do I wear for my weigh-in?

We recommend you wear one layer of non-baggy, dry clothing with no shoes and nothing in your pockets. If you are doing a video, please wear short sleeves or a tank top, and bottoms that are above the knee. Also please turn your pockets out. Most important: Wear roughly the same clothing each time you weigh in (to take your clothing out of the weight loss equation!). See this page for additional information about what to wear for your weigh-in.

Do I have to weigh-in with the same method and/or at the same location for both verifications?

No, you are not required to use the same method or return to the same location for both of your verified weigh-ins, however you can if you like. Remember there can be differences in scales that may or may not impact your final weight loss.

Does my scale have to be digital?

No, you have two choices: if it is a personal, bathroom scale, it must be digital. If it is an upright, public scale (like one in a Dr's office) the display must be visible during all shots. The scale must measure weight in either pounds or kilograms, and must be zero'd out or balanced prior to the participant's weigh-in. The scale must be on a flat, hard surface (not on a carpet or rug). See here for more details about approved scales.

What is required in the video?

We try to keep it simple (but fair!) and we're certainly not perfectionists, so do the best you can to incorporate the following shots into your video. The most important thing is that the video is uncut, clearly shows the date, the scale zeroed out, and your weight while on the scale (up close so we can read it, and with full-body so we know it's you!).  Here is a list of the shots:

- proof of the date of measurement
- a full body shot, front and back (or a shot from both sides as shown below), of the participant
- the zeroed out scale (zoom in)
- the participant's weight when on the scale (zoom in)
- the participant on the scale (zoom out, full body on scale)
- the participant stepping off the scale (zoom out, full body)
View this page to see is a list of the shots, screen by screen.

If the scale cannot be zeroed out, the scale must reset (turn off and then back on) between weighing.

How can I film the video if I'm by myself?

The video must still be shot in one, uncut take, and include all of the same shots as the video taken by another person. To obtain the shots, hold the camera throughout the video, and use a full length mirror to get the full body shots, and, holding the camera near your body, zoom in on the scale display for the other shots. The camera or phone may add a small amount of additional weight, however if the same camera or phone is used for both the starting weigh-in and final weigh-out, there will be no difference in the amount of weight lost through the challenge.
Here's an instructional video to show you just how easy this method can be!

How do I correctly demonstrate the date in my video?

Verify the date of your weigh-in by including a clear shot of the day's newspaper with a date.

If you don't have a physical copy of a newspaper, pull up a news website on your computer or tablet. Hint: acceptable sites such as the New York Times or The Washington Post have date stamps in the header, underneath their logos.

Additional Verification Rules

Make Sure Your Verification Is Accurate & Honest

Make your best effort to ensure that your verified weigh-in has been measured and reported truthfully and accurately.

Additional Proof

As part of our verified weight audits, we occasionally request that some (very few) participants get a second, confirmational weigh-in by a selected person or method, which we arrange at our expense. You must cooperate with winners department crew members if they request an additional verification or any other assistance in verifying the truth and accuracy of your weight loss.  Differences of more than a few pounds between a participant's verified weight as reported by a verifier selected by the participant, on the one hand, and the same participant's verified weight as reported by a verifier selected by HealthyWage, on the other hand, may result in disqualification.

You should also keep on hand a set of full-body before-and-after photos, and make sure your teammates do the same.  You do not need to submit the photo(s) to HealthyWage unless we request them.

Be Responsible for Your Verification

Your verification may not be valid if: a) HealthyWage does not receive your verification within 72 hours after it was performed, b) if your verification does not take place within the specified verification period of your challenge, c) if HealthyWage is not able to locate your verifier or confirm your verification with your verifier, d) if your verifier indicates that he/she did not personally take your weight and height measurements, or e) if your verifier refuses, upon HealthyWage's request, to provide a sworn statement about the verifications, or other request made by HealthyWage.


General Rules

These rules apply to all our challenges.

You Can Participate in Multiple Challenges

Go for it!!  If your company is offering various team challenges, you can do all of our challenges at the same time.

Get Your Weight Verified Twice

Once at the start and once at the end of each of your challenges, you must have your weight verified. Verification can be done from the privacy of your home by making a video and uploading it to our website. Or, you can visit a health club or physician and have them verify you.

Don't Cheat or Commit Fraud

We use proprietary algorithms, weigh-in reviews and, if necessary, outside investigators and law enforcement to catch cheaters.  The legal consequences are not worth the benefit.  Rule-breakers don’t get refunds.  The rule also applies to participants who are dishonest with the HealthyWage crew or verifiers or anyone else in connection with your challenge.

Don't Use Unhealthy Tricks to “Game” the Challenge

Doing unhealthy things in order to “game” the challenge is prohibited, including, but not limited to, deliberate weight gain (before, during, or after a HealthyWage challenge), starvation (defined as eating fewer calories each day than your doctor recommends), excessive exercise (defined as exercise that exceeds your doctor’s recommended amount of exercise, in terms of type, frequency and duration), water deprivation, unusual water consumption, self-induced vomiting, diuretics, laxatives, or any weight loss or weight gain plan that your doctor does or would advise against, or that, in HealthyWage’s sole and exclusive discretion, would be considered unhealthy or unfair by an ordinary person.

Don't Harass Other Players…or Anyone Else

Harassment of any kind, whether of your own teammates or other teams or non-participants is prohibited. You are encouraged to support your teammates, but you are required to agree that unwelcome emotional, physical, or other abuse is absolutely forbidden. Harassment shall also include any words or actions that, in HealthyWage’s sole and exclusive discretion, would be likely to cause any of your teammates, or any other person, to feel pressured to do any of the unhealthy actions defined above.

Don't Do Anything Illegal

Don't Participate While Pregnant

If you become pregnant during your challenge, you are entitled to postpone the challenge until a future date. If you enter a challenge while pregnant, you will be disqualified. Weight loss caused by giving birth to a baby (/-ies) does not count. Sorry mom!

Your challenge is suspended the minute you think you might be pregnant -- just let us know. You have 60 days after that to supply proof of pregnancy from your clinic/doctor. You may resume your challenge once you are cleared by your doctor to participate again.

We Have a Strict No Refunds Policy

We believe strongly that an important part of the service we provide is a negative reinforcement that helps you avoid procrastinating and quitting, which would be undermined if you could simply change your mind or find an excuse to quit. Moreover, our pricing is based on actuarial models that assume no refunds. There are no exceptions except in rare, evidence-documented medical situations – email accounting@healthywage.com if that applies.

Don't Have Surgery During Your Challenge(s)

You may not have liposuction, bariatric surgery, or any other weight-loss surgery during your challenge or within 1 year prior to your challenge start date.


The Anti-Yo-Yo Rules

When the rule applies:

This rule rarely applies.  It applies only if you (a) have previously won a HealthyWager or one of the top three prizes (not counting company prizes) in a Team Challenge and (b) have gained weight since your last verified weight, and (c) are starting a new Team Challenge.

What the rule says:

You cannot start a Team Challenge with a weight that is more than the verified ending weight you used to win a HealthyWage or one of the top three prizes (not counting company prizes) in a Team Challenge. If you do, your starting verified weight for the new challenge will be adjusted downward so that it is no higher than your lowest winning verified weight.


Marla's team won the $10,000 top prize in the Team Challenge on May 1, and Marla's final verified weight was 150 pounds. Then she gained weight in May. On June 1, she started a new Team Challenge with a starting weight of 175. That's a violation of the Anti-Yo-Yo Rule because Marla won one of the top three prizes in a team challenge with a final weight of 150 pounds, which is less than 175 pounds. HealthyWage will adjust her starting weight for the new Team Challenge down to 150 pounds.  Note:  the rule only applies if you won a HealthyWager or one of the top three prizes (not counting company prizes) in a Team Challenge.


Gaming the Verified Weigh-ins Not Allowed

When the rule applies:

This rule applies only when you are finishing a team challenge or HealthyWager and lost more than 2% per week since your last verification.

What it says:

You can't end a challenge with a weight that is less than 2% per week (rounding up) less than your last HealthyWage verification. If you do, your ending verified weight will be adjusted upward so that it is no lower than 2% per week lower than your last HealthyWage verification.


Bob starts a HealthyWager at 201 pounds on May 1. On May 5, he finishes the team challenge he started earlier in the year, and his ending weight is 178 pounds. That's a violation of the rule because Bob would be claiming to have lost way more than 2% of his weight in less than a week.  2% of 201 is 5 pounds (rounding up), so Bob's May 5 weight can't be any lower than 196 pounds. HealthyWage will adjust his team challenge ending weight up to 196.

If you have any questions, please contact HealthyWage:

For fastest response: email info@healthywage.com.
Customer support: (888) 636-3832.
Our general fax number is: (651) 964-3499.