$12,256 Holiday Stay Strong Challenge Rules

The purposes of this challenge are (1) to help lots of people make it through the holiday season without weight gain and (2) to spread the word about HealthyWage's amazing fitness and weight loss challenges.

These rules are incorporated into and incorporate the Services Agreement, to which all participants must agree in order to register and participate.

Sign up on the HealthyWage website

It only takes a few minutes to register. It’s free to join!

Get your weight verified twice

To keep things fair we ask everyone to get their weight verified by uploading a video via our free app. We only ask you to do this twice:

- Once between Monday, November 22, 2021 between 12:00:00am PT (3am ET) through Sunday, November 28, 2021 between 11:59:59pm PT (Monday, November 29, 2021 at 2:59:59am ET).

- Once between Monday, December 20, 2021 between 12:00:00am PT (3am ET) through Sunday, December 26, 2021 between 11:59:59pm PT (Monday, December 27, 2021 at 2:59:59am ET).

Read more about how to have your weight verified.

Weigh-in unofficially once a week

To keep you on track and to be sure everyone knows where they stand, we ask you to weigh yourself once a week. Step on your own scale and enter it on the HealthyWage website (there's a big green 'add weight' button on your page when you're signed in to the website).

These weigh-ins do not need to be verified. All the other participants need to know where they stand in the challenge, so it's important for everyone to keep up with weigh-ins.

Maintain your weight

Show no more than 2% weight gain, or lose weight (any amount), over the 5-week challenge period.


There are no prizes in this challenge, but there will be instant win coupons awarded at random throughout the 5-week period. Remember that verified and unverified weigh-ins, in addition to showing weight maintenance, earn you entries into the $12,256 grand prize sweepstakes drawing, scheduled to take place on or before December 31, 2021. Read more about earning entries in our official sweepstakes rules page.


Important eligibility requirements can be found in our official sweepstakes rules page.


Verified Weigh-in Instructions

These are the verified weigh-in rules; these do not apply to the unofficial weigh-ins that you self-report as often as you like.

You must get your weight verified twice for each challenge, once at the beginning (starting verified weigh-in) and once at the end (ending verified weigh-out). Getting your weight verified is easy, but you must follow the Instructions.

Additional verification rules

Make sure your verification is accurate & honest

Make your best effort to ensure that your verified weight has been measured and reported truthfully and accurately.

Additional proof

As part of our review, we occasionally request that some (very few) participants submit an additional weigh-out video. If an additional weigh-out video is required, HealthyWage will contact you with instructions.

Be responsible for your verification

Your verification may not be valid if: a) HealthyWage does not receive your verification within 72 hours after it was performed, or b) if your verification does not take place within the specified verification period of your challenge.


General Rules

These rules apply to all our challenges.

You can participate in multiple challenges

Go for it! You can do all of our challenges at the same time! A few specifics:

- You can sign up for as many as 10 Team and Jackpots Challenges at one time

- You can only sign up for one HealthyWager at a time (but you can sign up for other challenges at the same time as your HealthyWager)

Get your weight verified twice

Once at the start and once at the end of each of your challenges, you must have your weight verified. Verification can be done from the privacy of your home by making a video and uploading it to our website.

Don't cheat or commit fraud

We use proprietary algorithms, weigh-in reviews and, if necessary, outside investigators and law enforcement to catch cheaters. The legal consequences are not worth the benefit. Rule-breakers don’t get refunds – don’t even ask. The rule also applies to folks who are dishonest with the HealthyWage crew or a verifier or anyone else in connection with your challenge.

Don't use unhealthy tricks to “game” the challenge

Doing unhealthy things in order to “game” the challenge is prohibited, including, but not limited to, deliberate weight gain (before, during, or after a HealthyWage challenge), starvation (defined as eating fewer calories each day than your doctor recommends), excessive exercise (defined as exercise that exceeds your doctor’s recommended amount of exercise, in terms of type, frequency and duration), water deprivation, unusual water consumption, self-induced vomiting, diuretics, laxatives, or any weight loss or weight gain plan that your doctor does or would advise against, or that, in HealthyWage’s sole and exclusive discretion, would be considered unhealthy or unfair by an ordinary person.

Don't harass other players…or anyone else

Be nice, please! Harassment of any kind, whether of your own teammates or other teams or non-participants is prohibited. You are encouraged to support your teammates, but you covenant and agree that unwelcome emotional, physical, or other abuse is absolutely forbidden. Harassment shall also include any words or actions that, in HealthyWage’s sole and exclusive discretion, would be likely to cause any of your teammates, or any other person, to feel pressured to do any of the unhealthy things defined above.

Don't do anything illegal

Well, duh!

Don't participate while pregnant

If you become pregnant during your challenge, you are entitled to postpone the challenge until a future date. If you enter a challenge while pregnant, you will be disqualified. Weight loss caused by giving birth to a baby (/-ies) does not count. Sorry mom!

Your challenge is suspended the minute you think you might be pregnant -- just let us know. You have 60 days after that to supply proof of pregnancy from your clinic/doctor. Once you confirm your pregnancy with documentation, we will stall your remaining installment payments and pause your challenge. After your doctor clears you to start again, we will reinstate your installments and either start your challenge over or let you complete your remaining months. If you choose to start over, you will need to submit a new verified weigh-in. Regardless of which option you choose, you will only need to pay the remaining number of installments from your original wager. This means your payments may end before your challenge ends.

Don't have surgery during your challenge(s)

You may not have bariatric surgery during your challenge or within one year prior to your challenge start date. You may not have liposuction or any other surgery that causes your weight to decrease by more than 5 pounds, regardless of whether weight loss was the intended purpose of the surgery, during your challenge.


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Call support at (888) 636-3832.
Our general fax number is: (651) 964-3499.

(Updated 09.13.2021)

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