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Denice R. won $2,571 for losing 53 pounds in 8 months!

Location: Lumberton, TX

"I turned 50 years old last year and was determined to lose some weight. I started a keto diet in February and joined HealthyWage to keep me accountable. I see it as a win-win situation!"

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Stephanie N. won $2,571 for losing 53 pounds in 8 months!

 Location: Shreveport, LA

 “I saw the pictures and became super depressed about how I looked. It was disheartening to see how much I had let myself go...I’ve been overweight my entire weight and I was done being overweight.”

Briefly contemplating weight loss surgery but deciding it wasn’t for her, Stephanie began looking into other avenues to lose weight. “I wanted to do something that was going to put me on the line to stick to it. I had been on every diet and always faltered. I needed to put money on the line to stay committed.”



Debby M. won $3,900.47 for losing 80 pounds in 13 months!

  Location: Enola, PA

  “I’ve always struggled with eating and finally got to the point where I was able to confront my addiction to sugar,” states Debby M. After having 3 children in 4 years, Debby was at her highest weight and decided she was ready for a change.

  “It was perfect timing,” she exclaims. “I decided to do a HealthyWager because while losing weight and getting healthier is a prize in and of itself, getting paid to do it, is even better!”

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Mat E. won $2,952.00 for losing 73.8 pounds in 9 months!

Location: High Point, NC

Working crazy hours while taking care of their 5-year-old, both Mat and his wife Brooke decided to each do a HealthyWager. “I was wearing XXL shirts and size 40 pants that were really tight,” he remembers. “I was going into the Big & Tall store and it wasn’t because I was tall.” To help keep himself accountable, he stayed active on the HealthyWager dashboards, posting progress photos in the community newsfeed, where he was continuously shocked by the transformations he saw with each photo.

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Brooke E. won $1,506.96 for losing 50 pounds in 9 months!

Location: High Point, NC

“I came to a point where I was just going to stay fat and happy or really do something about it,” recalls Brook E. before her recent weight loss transformation. Tired of yo-yo dieting and trying the latest fads that never proved successful, Brooke became interested in HealthyWage after a coworker of hers had won money from a HealthyWage challenge for losing weight.

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Brett M. won $2,800 for losing 103 pounds in 12 months!

  Location: Puyallup, WA

  "Amazing. I’m over 100 pounds down. Lighter on my feet, and I have a lot of energy. I can walk fast at work now and jump around. I’m more agile and excited. Winning $2,800 is great. It was an extremely positive experience across the board. Having that $100 coming out each month was a good reminder. So much accountability. Losing $100 every month but at the end gaining $2,800."



Mykeerah Z. won $2,935.06 for losing 77 pounds in 18 months!

Location: Stevens Point, WI

  “From the time I woke up, to the end of the day, I was in pain and felt like I was too heavy,” recalls Mykeerah Z. on life before her HealthyWager challenge. “I didn’t know that I was insecure before, but I see it now because I feel so much better.” After experiencing asthma problems and noticing her health deteriorating, Mykeerah decided to take control of her weight and sign up for a HealthyWager. “I knew if I was doing something for a year and a half, it would create a lifestyle change.

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Sharon N. won $2,905 for losing 75 pounds in 6 months!

Location: Layton, UT

"I actually tried HealthyWage last year and failed miserably. I came back and did it again because I knew I could. I could say I’ll take this much out of my paycheck in this amount of months and work a challenge that would excite me. I was so determined I was going to win. I went 6 months without eating sugar and carbs. Put up a treadmill in my living room, took up a quarter of my living room. If you have something that you’re excited about (my wedding), and excited to look nice for it, is easier to commit andto stick something when have that goal."


B&A_WhitneyCunningham (original).jpg 

Whitney C. won $2,659.34 for losing 56 pounds in 9 months!

Location: Amelia, OH

"I am so excited to have hit my goal and lose 55lbs. Thank you HealthyWage for providing an opportunity where huge motivators like losing money and winning money helped me hit my goals and work extremely hard to do so (This battle was not just a physical one but also an emotional one). The best thing gained is a healthy lifestyle for my family. I don't want my kids to grow up struggling with their weight and because this has been a 9 month process, new eating habits have formed that will last a lifetime."

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