The WW Fitness Challenge

is Lots of Fun!


The Prize

Each team that takes part in the Fitness Challenge contributes to the prize. The more teams that join, the bigger the prize jackpot!

Your Mission 

Each team’s goal is to increase the team’s daily step count by 20% in 30 days. Your job is to stay on track and encourage fellow teammates. All the teams that achieve the step goal share in the jackpot. Your payout will never be smaller than the amount you put in—in fact, it will probably be much more!

Register Now

You can sign up now! Then encourage your co-workers to join, too. Remember, the more of your coworkers that participate, the more fun the challenge and the bigger the prize!

Let's get the jackpot as big as we can! The more who play, the bigger the payout!


How Do I Get Started?

Step One: Create an account!

Click here to create an account and find out your personalized step goal!

Step Two: Calculate your step goal & register!

Once you've calculated your goal, register right away! You'll see the registration button after you've calculated your goal.

Step Three: Invite your coworkers.

The game is played in teams by department. Working together as a team makes it more fun, so encourage your co-workers to register today!

Step Four: Get to stepping!

Every team that achieves the 20% step increase will share the prize. That means if only 20% of the teams hit this goal, you'll triple your money!

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The WW Fitness Challenge is administered by HealthyWage. If you have any questions, please contact HealthyWage:

Email us for the fastest response!
Support ticket Use our support system and log a request here.
Phone (888) 636-3832
Wait times may apply - email is best!
Fax (651) 964-3499


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