Team Honey Badgers

8.81% Weight Loss


Team Honey Badgers picked colleagues that were also friends and people they knew that had to lose weight even if not all the members thought they actually had that much to lose. Each had about 10 to 20 pounds and thought this was a good way to do it.

After their employer, Texas Instruments, introduced them to the HealthyWage competition and told them that they would lose the money that they added to their paycheck each month to cover the competition if they did not hit their weight loss percentage. It was not a threat but simply the motivation that the guys needed to keep going and stay strong in their resolve not to mention the other financial reward at the end if they met their weight loss goals.

While most of the team did count calories, some were more intense about their exercise, often partaking in a couple of exercise sessions each day, while others walked regularly. Although they saw each other at work and socialized outside of work, they still sent emails to each other to stay motivated.

HealthyWage gave this winning team the motivation to earn their money back by losing the weight plus they used their own friendship to create side bets, including one where the person that lost the least amount of weight would buy the rest of the team two beers. So, now, they look and feel great, their pockets are heavier with a financial reward, and they are waiting to toast their success over some beers!

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