Gros Garcon


Team Gros Garcon all knew each other from working at Phillips 66 together and realized they all needed some type of motivation to lose weight and get back to a healthy lifestyle. It seemed that all team members were former athletes but due to work and their metabolisms getting slower, they gained some extra pounds over the years.  

The team came up with their name as homage to many of the members’ Cajun backgrounds. Their name, translated from the French, means fat boys, a name they intended to change for themselves. The team really came together when it came to deciding on a diet and exercise strategy that would work for them. This strategy included maintaining a clean, low carb, and high protein diet as well as staying under 1,600 calories. They allowed themselves one day a week where they could have one cheat meal and not be 'harassed' by the other team members.

There was more variation when it came to the exercise strategy, which focused on various types of cardio, including cross-fit. To stay accountable to one another, the team weighed in together every week and pushed the team members that were not losing as much as the other. After all, losing the weight was great, but it was the financial reward that was the team’s main incentive. When the competition finished, they realized that HealthyWage was a good way to help each of them do something about being fat boys and get back to a healthy weight where they all could feel good about themselves again.

Gros Garcon

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