Flab to Fab 5

16.59% Weight Loss

Fab 5 to Flab 5 before and after

After hearing about HealthyWage through their wellness group’s email to the company and hearing that others had signed up, TeamFlab to Fab 5 was determined to beat their colleagues and show them up on just how much weight they could lose, including taking home that financial reward that they all had their eye on.

To create a winning strategy, each of the members did their research and considered their physical limitations, including one with bad knees, before then sharing what they had learned about calories and nutrition. From there, each made their own plan to do what worked best for them so they could stay committed to it. Each week, they did their weigh-ins together and took a picture of the scale to use it as a motivator to keep going. In-between, the team members regularly communicated through texting to stay focused on the goal. Many maxed out on their goals while some even surpassed their weight loss goals.

The results felt good and they were also pleased with their new eating habits and overall healthier lifestyles thanks to HealthyWage.

“HealthyWage allowed us to work together on losing weight and made us feel accountable to each other because we did not want to let each other down and lose that momentum by falling off the diet and exercise wagon. The competitive format also helped us and our colleagues do more than we would have had we just tried to lose weight on our own.”

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