16.59% or Bust

6.53% Weight Loss

Team 16.59% or Bust heard about HealathyWage through their employer, and the team captain had put together a team with people who showed a desire to lose weight and those that directly asked to join the team. Everyone had a shared desire to lose weight and win the money for doing so.

With a specific strategy in mind, the team’s captain set out on a formal diet and exercise program that other team members tried to incorporate for their own strategies for losing the weight. What the team captain learned is that teamwork is great when everyone shares the same mindset, but sometimes not everyone is in the proper mindset to meet their weight loss goals. To help motivate everyone to stick to their goals for the competition, the team captain scheduled regular meetings as well as sent texts and emails with tips and a reminder to stay the course.

Although the team members all tried to lose weight through their personal strategies and were enthusiastic during the first month, personal challenges had some not being able to reach their goals. Yet, others powered through plateaus and discouragement to keep going the entire three months, which made those that did come close to meeting their goals feel good.

The team captain believes that HealthyWage offered a great program by giving teams a limited timeframe and weight loss percentage to meet as well as a financial incentive to sweeten the deal, but he realized that having a team with members who all share the same mindset, commitment, and accountability is the true formula for success with these types of competitions. Now, he just looks forward to maintaining his weight loss and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

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