Amazing Grace

6.54% Weight Loss

Team Amazing Grace consisted of family and friends who knew that their existing tight bond and strong faith would help them through a weight loss challenge. After hearing about HealthyWage through the hospital that the team captain worked at, they signed up and created a strategy to lose the weight.

While Cynthia had already tried the hospital’s Naturally Thin program, the other four decided to sign up for it and use it as the basis for their diet and exercise strategy. Though they had different work shifts and often conflicting schedules they regularly checked in with each other to assess progress and motivate each other to keep going.

The money was exciting to them and it was the reason they were motivated to stay on track throughout the course of the HealthyWage competition. An even bigger incentive has been HealthyWage’s new reward, which is to get refunded their entrance fee if they can manage to maintain the weight loss over the course of the next few months. With both incentives in mind, the team believed that HealthyWage gave them the motivation to lose the weight that they could not have done if they were left to do it themselves.

Now, Team Amazing Grace can say they feel good and look great thanks to their faith, their close relationships, and their faith.

Amazing Grace

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