Fantastic Big Girls

8.73% Weight Loss

Team Fantastic Big Girls all worked in the same building and had known each other for awhile before they decided to take on the HealthyWage team challenge together. Other teams from their workplace were also in the competition, so this group of competitive girls wanted to make sure that they beat them at the very least as well as had a fighting chance to win some money.

Besides checking in with each other, they kept a close eye on their colleagues’ teams so they knew where they stood. Each of the women used their own diet and exercise strategies that they felt would keep them focus on their goals and provided a plan that suited their individual lifestyles.

They attributed their success to a strong desire to win the money. Of course, they wanted to lose the weight and be healthier, but the financial incentive was the reason they joined this challenge and it was what kept them motivated along the way. Happy with their results and feeling great from what they accomplished during the HealthyWage team challenge, some of the team members are now is now focused on losing even more.

Thanks to the HealthyWage format, they were able to get on the right track in creating a healthy lifestyle for themselves and continue to enjoy the bond they developed over the course of the team competition. They feel fantastic and it shows!

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