Team Waist Reduction

12.83% Weight Loss

Team Waist Reduction brought together family and friends with the common goal of losing weight, which had already been on many of their minds in terms of getting healthy and feeling better about themselves. After hearing about HealthyWage through her job, Erika told her family and friends about this challenge so they formed and team and started working on diet and exercise strategies that individually suited their needs and existing lifestyles.

Besides the financial incentive, Erika’s job also sweetened the deal by stating that if they did a certain number of weigh-ins at the worksite, then they would reimburse half of the cost of signing up for the HealthyWage team competition. Despite working independently on their diet and exercise, the team members did regularly come together for weigh-ins and to discuss their results. This helped them meet the smaller goals they had set over the course of the competition and help encourage one another to reach the finish line. Despite some personal challenges for some of the team members that made finishing strong difficult, the overall experience was positive for this team.

They were all happy that they had lost weight and enjoyed the reward of feeling better and knowing that they looked great. Erika noted that the old adage is true: When you put your mind to it, you can do it. And, with the help of HealthyWage’s competitive format and financial incentive, Team Waist Reduction put their mind to it.


Waist management Team Photo

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