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Cone Health Champions - $3,000 Winners!

186 Pounds Lost

Team Waist Management feel that their HealthyWage experience did more than just change their waist lines and lives; it gave them a way to pay it forward and help others, including their families and co-workers to think more consciously about what they were eating so that they, too, ended up losing weight and enjoying a healthier lifestyle by the time the competition was completed.

The team members learned about HealthyWage from their workplace health coordinator at Cone Health, and all the members, who happened to come from the same department, decided they needed to this for their waist lines and even their wallets. Their employer offered an extra incentive in the form of a $100 gift card to those on each team who lost the most weight plus they had on-site gyms and Weight Watchers at their workplace campus to help them. They even enjoyed an office space that became their workout room each week as well as great areas to get in a lunchtime walk together. Although changing eating habits seemed hard, especially with donut and bagel days at work, their colleagues supported their efforts by changing these to fresh fruit days and other healthy choices, including a healthy birthday party for one team member.

One team member’s office scale, which they used to track their own progress, was used by those not on the team who all began to understand the importance of taking to heart what they were preaching in the hospital setting but not necessarily doing themselves.

Looking at the ‘before ‘ picture of themselves made the team realize they could never go back and kept working towards their weight loss goals to help themselves and each other. All learned to look at food and what was in food differently, making this a real learning experience. One team member now is living without a dependence on blood pressure medication as his physician noted the weight loss had lowered his blood pressure significantly. All now enjoy a new lifestyle that is healthier and even more satisfying.

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