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HealthyWage coaches pull their posts from a carefully crafted playbook full of tips and motivation that was put together with input from a team of doctors, behavioral economists, public health experts, nutritionists, psychotherapists, fitness experts, social workers, and business partners.

Our coach's individual qualifications vary, and draw on their own personal and professional experience with weight loss and social dieting. Our current team hails from all over: Harvard, Emory, and the Universities of Minnesota and Virginia to name a few.  They're here to provide motivation and structure to help you achieve your goals and walk away from our challenges feeling like a success with weight loss!

Read more about our individual coaches below.

Staff Coaches

Kate Coach

Kate M.

Biggest tip for staying on track: calorie counting and food journaling.

Kate has successfully lost and maintained 45 pounds through calorie counting, food journaling, and a flexible fitness plan (running, weights, and HIIT workouts). Much of her weight loss was documented on the HealthyWage blog throughout 2012. As Community Manager at HealthyWage, Kate thrives on building relationships with weight loss influencers and helping others successfully navigate the sometimes rocky terrain of weight loss, all while finding and sharing inspiration and motivation from across the HealthyWage community. Her biggest downfall is anything salty, particularly late at night.

Joe Coach

Joe O.

Loves football, basketball, baseball and fast food (shh)!

Coming from a family who has a history of Type A diabetes, Joe has always had a focus on dieting and exercise. Since a young age, Joe has stayed active through playing sports and still participates in local football, basketball and baseball leagues, and is currently training for several 5K's. Joe has been HealthyWage's Chief Fun Officer for over 3 years, his focus is bringing the fun to weight loss and our challenges! Joe's biggest food temptation: fast food!

Di Coach

Diana F.

Fights the sedentary desk job by taming the wild outdoors through bushwhacking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing!

Diana lost 75 pounds through Weight Watchers almost 10 years ago. Being immersed in the support of the HealthyWage community has been a driving factor in her weight maintenance, along with activity and portion control. Her biggest weight challenge is sitting at her computer all day and not being able exercise. When she is not certifying HealthyWage challenge winners, you will find her outside enjoying cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter and bushwhacking on horseback all other seasons. She chose to lose weight all those years ago to lessen the stress on her horse TJ’s back. This made TJ very happy.

Nikki Coach

Nikki G.

Stays active walking her dog, hiking and helping HR managers! If you've heard about a challenge from your employer, chances are, Nikki's behind it!

Growing up, Nikki participated in sports and activities from volleyball to tennis. Now she stays active by taking her dog for walks to Seattle’s Pike Place Market and hiking some of the best trails in the Pacific Northwest. Nikki works mostly with corporate clients as HealthyWage’s B2B Account Manager Nikki will make sure you hear about our challenges from your employer and start the challenge off on the best foot possible!

David Coach

David R.

HealthyWage Co-Founder: Loves a good challenge, made it his work!

As a co-founder of HealthyWage, David's role might be called "Chief of Making Everything Happen," but we affectionately just call him "DR." David has faced his own struggles with weight management and was inspired to start the company in response to a large body of research that shows people are more effective at losing weight when their own money is at stake, and that social networks play a large role in the spread of obesity (maybe we should call him "Chief Nerd" instead...). David's passion and primary motivation is in helping improve the lives of all our participants with fun, engaging, and effective weight loss challenges.

Jimmy Coach

Jimmy F.

HealthyWage Co-Founder: Battles the late night munchies.

Jimmy works at HealthyWage and focuses professionally on finding ways to enhance weight loss success with prizes, games, social interactions and web and mobile applications. He has personally struggled with weight loss and found success in a combination of team challenges & calorie counting, and exploring the great outdoors on foot. Jimmy loves helping people lose weight and find physical activities they love and can keep doing for the long term. His biggest food temptations are sweet and salty junk foods late at night.

Lara Coach

Lara H.

Living healthy with a chronic condition – finding the balance!

In High School. Lara was on the Cross-Country Team and Track team. When she went to college, she quit running as much and the weight piled on. Due to her weight gain, she struggled a lot with her health and self-confidence over this time. She tried for several years to count calories or do the latest fad diet but would never lose any weight. 4 years ago, Lara lost 50+ lbs. by following a pescatarian diet after discovering she is allergic to chicken and eggs as well as increasing her steps to average 15,000 a day. Due to her health and medications, her weight has fluctuated a lot over the last 2 years. This helps her relate to a lot of our participants and allows her to offer a unique perspective on weight loss. She has two dogs, which help keep her active, and she can usually be found dancing at her desk.

Daisy Coach

Daisy V.

When the going gets tough, the tough get healthy!

Daisy was always overweight (technically she was morbidly obese), but a health scare in 2013 gave her the ultimate motivation to upgrade her nutrition, fight the psychological battle of obesity, and push her body to do things she never realized she could. She eventually lost 170 lbs.! She knows from personal experience the roller coaster of weight loss and how important it is to find a healthy lifestyle that works for you and brings you joy. Her guilty pleasures are wine and dark chocolate, but her guilt-free pleasure is found spending time with loved ones and laughing with them at the craziness of life.



Participant Coaches

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Think you've got what it takes?

We're always looking for great people to add to our team. Email us at and let us know a little about yourself - your personal story with weight loss, any relevant experience (academic, professional or personal) you've had with coaching, and why you think you'd make a great coach!