Drop it Like It's Hot

Partners In Recovery All Stars

64 Pounds Lost

Team Drop it Like its Hot from Partners in Recovery illustrate that losing weight can be difficult, especially in the face of many challenges and discouragements. However, despite many odds stacked against them, this team still managed to meet some of their goals and learn from the experience.

They had all heard about HealthyWage from their workplace health and wellness coordinator. Because they all worked together, they knew they could keep on track and learn from each other’s strategies. While some did Weight Watchers, others did other weight management programs and hit the gym. In working in the field of behavior health, they all had intense jobs and roles, so they applied this environment to their team competition. Although there were many changes at work with changes that impacted the team members, many still got close to losing their goal percentage and are now focused on continuing their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle now that the HealthyWage competition has ended. One team member went as far as to do the other challenges because he liked the idea of gambling on himself as an incentive to lose his weight.

Overall, the team felt the format provided them with a way to lose the weight, which was worth it and taught them a lot about themselves and healthy lifestyles. With this knowledge, the team members are all moving forward to maintain and enjoy the health benefits. Despite vacations and grueling work schedules, the team members all believe that the competition gave them a new perspective.


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