The WW Challenge:

Lose Weight, Meet Your Goal and Win!



The Jackpot

Each team that takes part in the WW Challenge contributes to the jackpot. The more teams that join, the bigger the prize!

Your Mission 

Each team's goal is to lose an average of 6% of the team's total body weight in 12 weeks. Your job is to stay on track and encourage fellow teammates. All the teams that meet the 6% weight loss goal share in the jackpot. Your payout will never be smaller than the amount you put in - in fact, it will probably be much more!

There are also exciting bi-weekly mini challenges, which give teams opportunities to earn ribbons. For each mini-challenge, a team must complete a task and send verification (verification types vary). An announcement will be sent by email when they begin. Successfully completed mini-challenges, along with other tasks in the WW Challenge, are rewarded with ribbons.

How Much Does it Cost?

It is $20 per month for three months to participate in the WW Challenge. You can pay the fee up front all at once ($60) or pay in three installments over three months.

Register Now

Sign up hereThen encourage your coworkers to join too. Remember, the more teams that participate, the more fun the challenge and the bigger the prize!


The more who play, the bigger the payout!


Do I need to be a WW Member?

No. It's not necessary to be a WW Member. But, if you are a Member, it will give you an advantage for achieving your weight loss goals. You'll get the extra help you need to reach your weight-loss goals, plus 24/7 expert chat support and access to digital tools. Additional content and tips for healthy living, thousands of delicious recipes, and more are also included in your WW membership. Plus, your company is covering some of the cost for WW. Sign-up for WW any time during the challenge to unlock challenge features that non-members will not get! 

New for 2018 - WW is adding $20 to the jackpot for every new or current WW member who participates in the challenge. That means there’s more opportunity for you to increase the jackpot and win BIG – and another reason to join Weight Watchers!

How Do I Get Started?

Step One: Register now

Click here to register now.

Step Two: Join or Start a team

The game is played in teams of four to nine participants. If you don't have a team, don't worry! We will match you with one.

Step Three: Lose weight and take home your share of the prize!

Every team that averages 6% weight loss or more automatically wins and splits the total jackpot!

How to Weigh In

Getting a Verified Weigh-In is Easy

Do not get your verified weigh-in until the start date or later.

To keep the challenge fair for all, we ask you to have your weight confirmed twice - once at the start and once at the end. But if you weigh in every week, you get additional ribbons. It's simple!

You can choose to:


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The WW Challenge is brought to you by WW and administered by HealthyWage. If you have any questions, please contact HealthyWage:

Email us for the fastest response!
Support ticket Use our support system and log a request here.
Phone (888) 636-3832
Wait times may apply - email is best!
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