Team Up to Slim Down Frequently Asked Questions

Medline continues to look for opportunities to engage employees in creative ways to get healthy. Medline has partnered with HealthyWage to bring you the Team Up to Slim Down Weight Loss Challenge! Teams of five compete to lose weight and have a shot at winning the $10,000 grand prize. This material will answer many of the common questions.

What is Team Up to Slim Down Weight Loss Challenge?

It is a team weight loss competition Medline is sponsoring through HealthyWage. This replaces the Biggest Loser contest that Medline has had in the past.

Why should I join?

Because it works and it's a lot of fun! Team weight loss is effective because it harnesses the power of positive peer pressure, the excitement of achieving goals with teammates, the thrill of competition and big cash prizes. Teams forming now!

How does it work?

The Team Challenge is a three month weight loss challenge in which teams of five compete to win cash prizes (usually more than $18,000 per challenge—details here). The winning team is the one that loses the greatest percentage of weight during the contest.


How much does registration cost?

HealthyWage charges a registration fee to administer the challenge, provide coaching and support and offer prizes. The registration fee for Medline employees is $6.67/month for three months (or $20). Medline is paying the remaining $50 for employees. The fee for family members is $23.33/month for three months (or $70). All fees are refunded in full if a participant loses 10% of his/her weight during the challenge and can keep it off for six months following the challenge.

When is my first payment due?

If you selected to pay in installments as opposed to one single payment, your account will be charged every 30 days. Please note payments are processed exactly 30 days apart and will not occur on the same date of each month.

How do I know my payment information is secure?

HealthyWage is committed to protecting the security of your personal information, including payment information. They use a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. All payment data is handled following rigorous Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards set by VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

Can I get a refund?

Part of HealthyWage’s job is to prevent you from giving up, so you can't quit -- there are absolutely no cancellations or refunds. HealthyWage will suspend your challenge if you are pregnant or due to certain medical conditions.


Do I need a team of five?

Yes, it's a team-based weight loss challenge. You can have your family or co-workers on your team. If you don't have a team of five, don't worry—HealthyWage will match you up with new friends when the contest starts. HealthyWage makes sure everyone is on a team.

I formed a team; how do my co-workers and family join my team?

Ask them to visit the Team Up to Slim Down Challenge ( After they register, they will choose your team from a list.

Do I need to send my co-workers and family an invitation through your website?

No. Just let them know that they need to register online at the Team Up to Slim Down Challenge page. After they register, they will arrive at the page with a list of teams and will be able to choose your team from the list.

What if I can't get enough people together for a complete team?

HealthyWage will work with you to make sure you are on a complete team. Once you're signed up, email and ask for assistance. If you've got one or two others signed up with you, HealthyWage will make sure you stay together.

Is there a deadline for registering and weighing-in at the beginning of the contest?

No. However, the longer you wait after the contest starts, the less time you'll have to lose weight.

How long into the competition can I change my team?

A team can be changed within the first two weeks of the challenge. After two weeks, teams are locked and your team can not be changed. Exception: if you sign up later than two weeks into the challenge, your team will remain unlocked for a week.

A member on my team does not have a verified weight, what do I do?

If you still have an unverified member on your team after they are locked and final you are stuck with them. Your team is not disqualified; however, the unverified member will count as 0% weight-loss for your team. Make sure you are aware of the status of your teammates by going to the teammate section on your dashboard and clicking the ‘i’ icon.

Do I have to live in the same city as my teammates?

No. You and your teammates can live in different parts of the country, and get weighed-in at different times and places.


Do I need to have my weight verified?

Yes—twice: once at the beginning (anytime on or after the start date) and once at the end (within two weeks before, or on, the end date) of the program.

Where do I get my weight verified?

You have two options:

(1) it's easy to get verified at home by making a private weight verification video following these instructions or

(2) you can get your weight verified by any fitness profession (e.g., your health club), doctor or as part of your normal WW weigh-in. If you do not belong to WW or a health club, many health clubs are willing to help out; however be sure to call ahead. Note: HealthyWage will automatically send you a list of gyms and weigh-in centers the week of the contest start date.mates, or any other person, to feel pressured to do any of the unhealthy things defined above.

How do you calculate a team's percentage weight loss?

Take the average of each team member's weight loss percentage, and round to the nearest tenth (for example 5.1743% would be rounded to 5.2%). To calculate your individual weight loss percentage, take the number of pounds you have lost divided by your starting weight.

Do you have any rules to prevent excessive, unhealthy weight loss?

Yes. In order to encourage healthy weight loss, HealthyWage only counts weight loss up to 16.6% per person. Any individual weight loss beyond 16.59% does not count for the challenge. So, the winning team is the one where each team member gets closest to the cap. Note: it is okay to lose more than 16.6% (you won't be disqualified), but the extra weight you lose above 16.59% will not count toward your team's weight loss for the challenge.

Will others see my weight information?

No. No one else will see your actual weight including your employer. Only your percentage weight loss will be visible to other users.


How does HealthyWage help me stay on track during the twelve week contest?

The Team Up to Slim Down Challenge is based on team support and motivation, which provides accountability and success. HealthyWage provides you with tips and tricks each week via email to help you and your team stay on track. In addition, there is a coach supporting the challenge who will post daily tips to help you stay on track. This will be sent via email or can be accessed on the HealthyWage website or mobile app.

What are ribbons and why do I need to earn them?

Ribbons are a fun way to keep track of your effort and achievement, and research shows that you're more likely to lose weight if you divide your goals into bite-size mini-goals. The ribbons take this concept to another level by making the mini-goals social. Other participants can see when you earn a ribbon. You can earn ribbons for taking certain actions and for achieving certain milestones throughout the challenge, as well as via team based achievements. For example, you will earn one weekly weigh-in ribbon for recording an unverified weight at least once per week (12:01am Sunday to 11:59pm Saturday (US Eastern Time)) on the site. Ribbons are not required, but they are important because (1) they improve your odds of success; and 2) in the event that you are tied with another team in the challenge, the tie will be broken based on which team has earned the most ribbons ("team aggregate ribbon count"). See "What if there's a tie?" below.

For each challenge there's also an individual prize jackpot. At the end of the challenge, the top four individuals with the most aggregate ribbons for the challenge will split the pot evenly. This includes personal ribbons only. Individuals whose team wins a major prize are not eligible for ribbon prizes, giving everyone a shot at some extra cash! Ribbon prize winners will be announced with the winning teams at the end of each challenge. Ribbon prize ties will not be broken. Individuals tied for the first four slots will be included in the split of the jackpot - e.g, if the jackpot is $1,200 and five people are tied for first place, all five will split the $1,200 pot evenly for a prize of $240 each.

What if there's a tie?

In the event of a tie for overall weight loss percentage, HealthyWage will break the tie by looking to the team aggregate ribbon count of each team -- most ribbons wins. In the case of a tie for team aggregate ribbon count, HealthyWage will pool the relevant prizes and divide equally among the tied teams. For example, if two teams are tied for first, HealthyWage will pool the first and second place prizes and divide the total between the two teams (and the next highest ranking team will get the third place prize). If four teams are tied, HealthyWage will pool the first, second and third place prizes and divide the total between the four teams. No other teams will win any prizes. All determinations of winners will be managed by HealthyWage and are final – they cannot be appealed.

See HealthyWage rules for more details about calculating team ribbon totals and tie breakers.

What happens if I no longer work at Medline?

You may still complete the Team Up to Slim Down Challenge and you remain eligible for the prizes.


Can I participate if I am pregnant?

No. But you can sign up if you've recently had your baby, if your doctor says it's okay. 

What if I get pregnant?

Your challenge is suspended the minute you think you might be pregnant -- just let HealthyWage know. You have 30 days after that to supply proof of pregnancy from your clinic/doctor. You have 90 days after the end of your pregnancy to resume your challenge(s), unless your doctor advises different timing.

Can I participate if I am on weight loss pills or if I have had or am planning to have bariatric surgery?

You may not have bariatric surgery during or up to one year prior to the contest. Diet pills may be used only with advance doctor approval. Contact HealthyWage at to discuss this before signing up.

How do you contact HealthyWage?

For fastest response: email HealthyWage at

Gyms and HealthyWage members can call support at 888-636-3832 or fax to 651-964-3499. 

More Questions?

HealthyWage representatives can help you seven days a week. You are also welcome to contact the HR Benefits Team at 800-811-8750 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CST or email

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