Persistence Pays Off ("PPO")
Weight Maintenance Challenge FAQs

Who can participate in the PPO Challenge?

Any active GE Capital employee in good standing who participated in the Lose Weight, Win Big Challenge and lost a minimum of 5% body weight. Those who do NOT qualify as eligible participants include: friends and family of employees, non-employees, employees who did not achieve at least 5% weight loss in the Lose Weight, Win Big Challenge, and employees who are not currently in good standing.

How do I sign up?

Sign up on your HealthyWage dashboard (be sure to log in to HealthyWage) before September 8, 2014

How does the PPO Challenge work?

The PPO challenge rewards weight loss and maintenance. Participants who maintain their starting weight or lose more weight by January 9, 2015 win $50. Eligible participants who lose more or maintain their starting weight loss are also entered into a random raffle for a prize of $500. Two $500 Above and Beyond awards will be raffled.

Do I have to have a starting weight verified?

No. Your ending verified weight in the Lose Weight, Win Big Challenge will be your starting weight for the PPO Challenge.

How do I remain eligible to win?

You must self-report your weight at least once per month and get a verified weigh-out at the end of the challenge. Monthly weigh-ins can be done using any home bath scale and do not need to be on video or officially verified. Weigh-ins must be done during the following dates:

• First self-reported weigh-in September 8-September 12th

• Second self-reported weigh-in October 6-October 10th

• Third self-reported weigh-in November 10-November 14

• Fourth self-reported weigh-in December 8-December 12

Failure to report a weight as required may result in disqualification. If disqualified, you are not eligible for the $50 individual award or $500 raffle. The verified weigh-out must occur sometime from January 5 to January 9, 2015. The verified weigh-out will be in the same manner as the ending weigh-out for the LWWB challenge (either via video or by visiting a health club professional). You will not be eligible for a prize if you do not get a verified weigh-out.

When does registration for PPO end?

You can register for the challenge until September 8, 2014.

How will I get paid my prize?

Payment will be made in the form of an Above and Beyond award in the appropriate denomination.

What happens if I am no longer employed by GECC or an affiliate at the end of the challenge?

You are not eligible for the prize if you are no longer employed by GECC or one of its affiliates at the end of the challenge. If your status is anything other than in good standing, you are not eligible.

What happens if I have a medical condition (e.g. pregnancy) that requires me to gain weight?

Contact HealthyWage at or 1-888-636-3832, and let us know you need to opt-out of the challenge due to a medical condition. 


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