HealthyWage Weightloss Challenge
Weigh-in Locations

Norman Regional Jackpot




Congratulations on starting the HealthyWage team challenge! To start the contest, you will have to perform a verified weigh-in on or after January 12, 2018

Option 1: Video Verification The preferred method of verification for many participants is by video. Please see here for instructions: Video Verification

Option 2: Verification at a health club or doctor's office. 1. Print off your 'VerifyMe' form: all you need to do is login to your account. Once you are logged in, click on the blue link for 'VerifyMe', underneath the green button. 2. Go to your weigh-in location (see below for locations by employer). They'll weigh and measure you and enter your information. Please call ahead to the contact to schedule a time. If you are not located near one of these locations, please use the video option or reply to this email and we will locate a weigh-in station for you.


Weigh-in Location:

Cleveland County Family YMCA
1350 Lexington Street
Norman OK 73069
(405) 364-9622
Please call ahead and set up an appt.

Fitness One
2301 36th Avenue Northwest
Norman OK 73072
Jenny Dickson 405-701-4004
Please call ahead and set up an appt.

The Health Club
3720 West Robinson Street #124
Norman OK 73072
Shawn Magee at 329-5050, Kellie Riggs (405) 329-5050
Please call ahead and set up an appt.

BA Fitness
480 24th Avenue NW Suite 114
Norman OK 
Phone: 405-360-0001
Please call ahead and set up an appt.



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