Join the May 17, 2024 Team Challenge

Compete in teams of 5 for $10,000!

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How do I win?

  • Sign-up with a team of 5, join a team or get matched with a team. If you need help finding a team, HealthyWage is here!
  • Lose the greatest % weight in the challenge as a team and win BIG. Top prize $10,000.
  • Weigh-in again after 6 months and earn your entry fee back for maintaining your weight loss!

These teams lost BIG and WON even BIGGER!

Team The Losers
Team The Losers
Team Fat Chance
Team Fat Chance
Team Ketofol
Team Ketofol

Does this really work?

Yes! It really works!
Social dieting makes weight loss more fun and successful.
Financial incentives help keep you motivated to stay on track.
HealthyWage sets you up for long-term success.

What tools do I get as part of the challenge?

24/7 access to the HW Coach via the Support Feed!
12-weeks of support and motivation!
5-star rated mobile app available for iOS and Android!

Teams are just for fun, but forming and finding a team is easy

After you register:
Select if you want to join an existing team, create your own team or you need help finding a team.
Select a team from a list of open teams in the challenge or find the team you were invited to.
Mr. HWager Selling Point Our experts will match you on the perfect team.
Join the challenge with a team you created and find other members in the challenge to join you using the Recruiting tab on the Support Feed.

How do I weigh in?

You'll get verified twice--once at the start of the challenge and once at the end of the challenge.
Make a video in our mobile App of yourself getting on the scale. It’s super easy and takes 30-seconds
Don’t want to make a video? Have a qualified witness sign your VerifyMe form (print after you register).

Everyone loves HealthyWage

Good Morning America host Abbie Boudreau explains how HealthyWage works and interviews HealthyWage's co-founder Jimmy Fleming on the effectiveness of financial incentives and social support for weight loss.
Today Show host Savannah Guthrie explains the science and research behind HealthyWage and why financial incentives are an effective weight loss tool, plus interviews with four HealthyWage success stories!
George Loewenstein, a behavioral economist at Carnegie Mellon University who has studied financial incentives and weight loss, says the HealthyWage competition is "using all the conditions that have been found in the research to be successful."
How Do I Contact HealthyWage?
Email us for the fastest response!
Wait times may apply - email is best!
Fax (651) 964-3499