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Welcome to the Back to School Slim Down Challenge!

The Challenge starts on September 23rd.
Sign up with a team of 5 and confirm your details below to get started.

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The Back to School Slim Down Team Challenge Is a Blast!

The Back to School Slim Down Challenge is the exciting way to have fun, lose weight and earn rewards.

  • Sign up, create a team of 5 coworkers, and/or family members and compete to lose weight for 12 weeks. 

  • The top team overall wins $10,000 and the Back to School Slim Down Trophy! The top team from each company wins $1,500 (requires a minimum of 50 participants)!

  • You get weight loss help and fun tools to use, including a social web space for your team, weight-loss tips and great weekly games and giveaways!

Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Cash Prizes!

Great Prizes

Top Team wins $10,000

The team with the greatest percentage weight loss in this challenge wins $10,000 and the Back to School Slim Down Trophy! Prizes are awarded by percentage lost, so even if you only have a little weight to lose you're in with a chance for the top prizes.

The top team from each company also wins $1,500 (requires a minimum of 50 participants)!

If you lose 10% of your weight you get your money back

As part of our commitment to healthy lifestyle changes, if you lose at least 10% of your weight after 9-months, you get a full refund of your entry fee. To get your refund you only need to get your weight verified 9-months after the start date.

Fun games with your team!

Not only that, but every two weeks, there are fun mini-challenges for your team to participate in! So get involved - sign up now!

Team Challenge

Step One: Register now

Entry is $23.33 a month (for three months) per player with the employee and family member discountso take advantage of the discounted registration today.

Step Two: Compete in a team of five

The Challenge is played in 5-player teams. We'll help match you with teammates if you don't know people taking part.

Step Three: Lose weight and take home the $10,000 top prize!

With weight-loss tips and advice and social tools to work with your team, the Team Challenge is a fun and effective way to lose weight!

How to Weigh In

Getting a Verified Weigh-in Is Easy

Do not get your verified weigh-in until the start date or later.

To keep the Challenge fair for all, we ask you to have your weight confirmed twice- once at the start, and once at the end. It’s really simple!

You can choose any one of these:

  1. Make a 30-second video from the privacy of your home. Learn how here.  - OR -
  2. Ask any health professional (doctor, nurse) or fitness professional (trainer, health club worker) to witness your weigh-in and sign your form (takes about 20 seconds).  We'll accept your regular Weight Watchers weigh-in too.  - OR -
  3. If you're participating through your employer, there may be onsite weigh-ins at work.  See your company intranet or call us at (888) 636-3832.

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How Do I Contact HealthyWage?

Email info@healthywage.comEmail us for the fastest response!
Support ticket Use our Support system and log a request here.
Phone (888) 636-3832
Wait times may apply - email is best!
Fax (651) 964-3499

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