Weight Watchers Weight Loss Challenge: Mini-Challenge Instructions

Weight Watchers Weight Loss Challenge participants can receive additional ribbons by completing six mini-challenges! These fun and motivating two-week-long challenges encourage team bonding and help you stay on track with fun, new ways to stay healthy holistically: food-wise, fitness-wise and emotionally!

If your team can complete the mini-challenge tasks together, great! If they’re done individually, the team should choose a member who will complete the challenge task(s). Once completed, the team captain should collect and submit verification that the task has been completed. Once the team captain submits the verification for each mini-challenge, each team member gets a ribbon. Although it’s OK for each mini-challenge to be completed by just one team member, we encourage as many team members as possible to complete the tasks together and support one another!

Successfully-completed mini-challenges, along with other tasks in the Weight Watchers Weight Loss Challenge, are rewarded with ribbons. 

Have fun completing your mini-challenges, and good luck!

Mini-Challenge: Stay on Track with Tracking

You know what tracking is all about, but do you do it regularly? It’s a tool that’s there to help! 

Task: At least one team member should track his/her food on a daily basis for the week of this mini-challenge. The team captain will then submit the screenshot(s) or photo(s) of the tracker(s) as verification. 

Verification: Submit the screenshot or photo of one of the trackers (or a collage of multiple) using the mini-challenge widget on the dashboard.

Fine print: Only submit your screenshot or photo at the end of the two weeks when your tracking is complete. If you submit an entry before the two weeks is up your entry will be removed because the challenge will not have been met. Entries unrelated to the specific topic of the mini-challenge will be removed and the ribbon revoked at the discretion of the challenge Host. In these cases, participants will be notified and may resubmit their entries to earn their ribbon.

Sample mini-challenge entry: 

WW Mini-Challenge Instructions
1. Click "Upload" to browse for your photo on your phone or computer, or, drag your photo over the upload button

2. Enter your team name and a blurb about your entry

3. Click Add/Update

4. View other teams entries!